Dugis  8.721

It is so strange  I have tried different characters, with no problems.  I even tried a trial character that i could start at level 110 of the same race on the same realm. no problem.  Tested my troubled running wow from a different directory.  e:  instead of c:.  still problem  so I tried a character of the same class and faction but was lower level and had a BfA leveling guide selected no problem.  Troubled character really does not matter which one  is loaded.

115 VE mage – whisperwind  PROBLEM 

trial 110 VE priest whisperwind – no problem seen 

1 orc warriar – Aegwynn     no problems seen 
116 orc mage, 115 VE lock  – Andorhal     no problems seen
31 NE mage – greymane     no problems seen

Just used daughters computer DLed wow update and installed dugi.  tested same