Okay lets see. 
I did a experiment with a lvl 1 orc.  ran from starting point all the way to org.  started with just dugiviewer enabled,  I was not getting any fluctuation so I enabled each addon I always have active one by one along the way. Memory use of Dugis at start was 35.19MB with 160+ fps and standing in Org at the end with all addons running dugis running 39.59MB 110fps.

Next experiment I used lvl 112 mage alliance.  Started in Boralus took boat to Anglepoint Wharf just Dugis running started around 39 to 40.89MB 160+ fps along the boat ride the MB kept climbing even after arriving and standing on the dock  memory continues to rise as I type this out  I am at 222MB atm still climbing down to 15fps.  Repeat just Dugis enabled.