Hi, have you tried speaking to the Jewelcrafting trainer and learn any possible new recipes, the ones required are
    • Bold-Print Bifocals – 2x Frameless Lens, 2x Servite Ore
    • Sundered Onyx Loupe – 2x Frameless Lens, 1x Sundered Ore, 2x Servite Ore
    With Blizzard Support, response times might vary; at best, they’re typically 24 hours, but circumstances can change quickly, and at worst, they can take longer than 72 hours. I was a GM in Accounts and General Issues, so I can attest to this firsthand. I suppose that if I were still a GM, there’s a possibility that I would encounter your ticket.
    After creating this guide, I’ve tested it on other characters as well. Most recently, I tested it on Evoker, who is currently level 100 and completing daily Jewelcrafting orders, largely from the most recent raids.
    If you are still having trouble, kindly send us some screenshots of the Jewelcrafting Trainer window and the Jewelcrafting Profession window, both located under Dragon Isles.

    You can utilize sharex, snipping tool, or in-game screenshots. In the message body, use the Attach File.