Patch 6.2 is here and the update for Dugi Guides is available now.

Update Dugi to 7.300 by using the installer available from the link below

If you already have a level 100 character with tier 3 Garrison then you’re ready for the new Tanaan Jungle zone.  Load the Tanaan Jungle guide from the daily quest guide section to begin your journey…


Once you have completed that guide you can begin raising your reputations by required for the Tanaan Diplomat achievement and complete the Draenor Pathfinder achievement for flying in Draenor.


Patch 6.2 have also added new Pets, Mounts, Followers, Rare NPCs, Treasures and Hellfire Citadel raid and we have guides available for them as well with the NPC Journal and Extra Tracking Modules which you can purchase from the members area.

Full list of changes and additions below for Dugi patch 6.2 update

Dugi Addon

  • Updated TaxiData for Patch 6.2
  • Fixed compatibility issue with WorldFlightMap addon
  • Improve loading time

Daily Guides

  • Tanaan Jungle Pre Quest
  • Legendary Pet Daily
  • Tanaan Jungle Dailies

Achievement Guides

  • Securing Draenor Achievement
  • Garrison Campaign Tanaan Jungle
  • Hand of Prophet Reputation
  • Order of the Awakened Reputation
  • The Saberstalkers Reputation
  • Voljins Head Hunters Reputation
  • Tiny Terrors of Tanaan Achievement

NPC Journal

  • Guides are now listed in sub-catergories
  • Patch 6.2 Pets
  • Patch 6.2 Mounts
  • Patch 6.2 Followers
  • Hellfire Citadel Boss guides

Extra Tracking Module

  • Rare NPC Tracking for Tanaan Jungle
  • Achievement Tracking for Tanaan Jungle
  • Treasures Tracking for Tanaan Jungle
  • Wild Pet locations for Tanaan Jungle

Enjoy patch 6.2 !

    27 replies to "Dugi Patch 6.2 Update"

    • Joshua

      Hey DUgi, Great Great Great Content i am getting back into wow and i just can’t find where to buy the new expansion quest guide from

    • Theo

      i cant zoom on the mad lick right click to zoom out and left to zoom in like Before 🙁

    • Wideboymark

      I am a member of the loyalty program, should I be getting this update to my dugi guides? As i haven’t at present, and i have tried reinstalling 3 times.

    • Justin

      the daily guide and stuff ain’t showing up for me after i downloaded the new patch

    • debbyhames

      not getting any of the new content showing up under Draenor (am a loyalty member) have reinstalled, etc suggestions?

    • lhulax26

      Acheivement guides not showing up. (Securing draenor, Garrison Campaign Tanaan Jungle)

      • Dugi

        make sure you have either the Subscription or WoD Achievement & Profession Update

    • Bill

      Is there an add-on for the shipyards?

      • Dugi

        We don’t offer that sorry.

    • Ziptomba

      Well, updated my Dugi, but I can no longer select what guide I want…not sure what to do, tips welcome!

      • T

        Having issues as well. I’m running the latest version too which is 7.303. Boooo!!!!

      • Dugi

        Make sure you update to 7.303 and left click on the DG icon until it turns gold.

        If you use the Curse.com installer make sure you set ‘Dugi Questing Essential’ on ignore and don’t install the curse.com version of Dugi.

        • T

          thats the problem…my Duigi icon is no longer there. At all. Even when I go to Game Menu >Interface > Addons, the Duigi addon is not there. When i’m on the character selection screen, and I click addons in the bottom left (where u can enable or disable addons) the Duigi addon is present there.

          • Dugi

            Try reinstalling and make sure you have the latest update.

            if that doesn’t try typing /dugi fix in the game, logout then enter the game.

        • T

          Only thing that does show up on my screen is the Duigi arrow

    • T

      I upgraded to the 7.300 and it no longer works. I just updated to 7.303 and still, my duigi Guides is not working.

    • sivartyerol

      works for me now. when i updated from 7.302 to 7.303.

      • Cdean

        how did you update it to 7.303? When I log in I only have the first 20 levels of the guide

    • xerius

      Does not work for me – continually get LUA errors. I reinstalled it twice. Will see if I can post the error on the forum, but this is a bit of a pain given running through the content now and the guides which would be useful are now will be too late to be used.

      • xerius

        Ok, 3rd reinstall is a charm. Seems to work now.

    • echoblue

      Sadly since now have the updated downloader, I cannot receive any guides at all. Hope this is just temporary. Happy about the new Tanaan Jungle info although I haven’t seen it yet 🙂

      However, I was using the Honor Fires event guide and now it is not available. Tried reloading and did not work.

      Again, thanks for the update for Tanaan.

    • khaled

      please dont send email for my email address thanks

      • Dugi

        Hi, please click on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email.

    • justine

      woooo man so glad this was updated even though I got through on my own now i’ll have an easier time with rep grids ahah

    • Jim Wilkey

      Wish I had read this before starting the new content on my own. I have accomplished a lot but not as easily as I would have had I checked here first. Way to go Dugi, staying ahead of the game. Gotta go, Tanaan Jungle and my Shipyard are calling me. Game is extremely unstable for me right now but that should settle down in the days to come. Really hate Patch Days. Seeya!!!

      • Hudzon

        DG not showing after update have tried reset can turn off and on and shows as enabled but ingame window not loading

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