Our built in waypoint arrow is finaly ready! check out the video below for a complete demonstration on how to use our new waypoint arrow.

This is a free update and you can update right now by using our installer or download it from the download area below.


Make sure you update all our guides aswell as the old guides are not compatible with our new mapping system.

Also a reminder that our One Day Sale will begin tommorow! make sure you take advantage of this special one time offer of 50% discount all guides and packages.

I hope you enjoy the new update and give us your feedback down below.

– Dugi

    74 replies to "Dugi Guides v4.6 Waypoint Arrow Update"

    • Gandadill

      Is there any way to reset the waypoint locations when doing gathering professions? When I reach the last location on rotation I don’t have any way to go to the first location on rotation again. With TomTom I have a workaround: complete the step and back again and all points are available again.
      Also, when using TomTom with multiple waypoints, the green button put TomTom to the first location and not to the most near point.

      • Dugi

        the green button should reset the way point for Dugi Arrow and also carbonite arrow if you’re using that, and if you’re not close to the first location, just go to your nearest waypoint and it should automatically remove the waypoints that is not required.

    • BrainyPuppet

      Loved you arrow. (please note past tense) Had to go back to TomTom. Needed coordinate block. Needed dead body pointer. (good but not that good that i don’t occasionally need this feature) Looking forward to more great products. (have them all)

      • Dugi

        Our next update will have the corpse pointer thats easy to do, but there is no point for us to replace an addon (TomTom) that already exist. If you want coordinate block then you should definitely use TomTom and you can still use our arrow along with it.

        • BrainyPuppet


    • Korchoon

      I have all of your products and love them all.

      On the new Waypoint Arrow I have found the following:
      1) The arrow resizes to the normal size when you logout of the toon.
      2) The locked arrow unlocks when you logout of the toon.
      3) The arrow does not point to your corpse when you are dead.

    • Kevin Murphy

      This arrow is AWESOME! I’m using it along with carbonite and it works well. Two things though. Is there a way to save the font size setting? Everytime I login I need to increase the font size. Also, I can’t make ant trails display on the map. The option to display ant trails is grayed out.

      Thanks again for another innovative tool!

      • Kevin Murphy

        Just read the entire thread and see that my issues were addressed…
        Though Carbonite has its own trails, they will not be displayed unless you click on one of the quests in the questlist in carbonite. Is is possible to make the dugi arrow ant trails clickable so the user can decide when to use the dugi arrow ant trails and when to use the carbonite trails?

        I know that when I am levelling I like to have carbonite running for the quest progress and the colored zones for quests, but let the Dugi arrow do all the work when it comes to navigation and “which quest to do next.”

    • mikeart

      Your amazing, such dedication is rare to find, your hard work is very much appreciated the new update seems to work fine, for me anyway, kind regards Mike.

    • Dugi

      Sorry about that, please update to 4.6051 to fix this problem.

      • debi

        ty for; as usual; a quick response

    • debi

      I too have a ‘test’ button and chat issues….I even ran the repair….
      Further instructions to fix this problem?

    • William Holt

      Same HEre

    • Stacey

      I have the same thing … The text takes up my entire chat screen.

    • Kat

      I also have a box on my screen with a test button. I also have writing on the side. I think we need a fix here.

    • tatted

      The update went thro now I have a box on my screen with a test button, I can move it out of the way and only way to get rid of it is to disable dugies guide in addons, how do i get rid of the the test box?

    • fordahord

      I’ve been using the new DG arrow. It works fine.

      However, today as I was struggling to locate an item, I noticed that there is no display of map coordinates. Did I do something wrong? Is it possible to display the map coordinates, or does the new arrown not support that function?

      • Dugi

        You need to have TomTom enabled for that.

    • spursuk

      Love the waypoint arrow Dugi, but it resets to default when i log out and back in again. havnt read all the posts here so maybe it has been reported before

      • Football

        It’s been reported on the forum and Dugi is working on a fix 🙂

    • dan

      i got arrow 2 work had two fix it by manual download it however i love new arrow its awesome kept up the good work

    • Matt Holman

      I really like the new arrow! I have found several way points to be way off though. In Dragonblight several waypoints went to Icecrown?? I didn’t follow them but you may want someone to look into them. Keep up the good work!

    • Herman

      I like the new arrow. What i like even more is that it is another step to independance for you, now that you dont have to rely on an external addon like TomTom anymore.
      There is one thing in the guides that’s still missing imo. That is: the possibility to keep quest text expanded. At this point, every time i have to do a quest, i hover with my mouse over the text to get an extra explanation, and then it disappears again till i hover over it again. If there would be an option in the menu or something to standard expand that text and keep it expanded, that would be a huge improvement. Maybe you’re thinking already in that direction, as the same with other ideas i came up with ;), and otherwise it is something to think about. Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Edgar Arries

      there u go…. another guide purchase…thanx dugi and keep up the good work.



    • Glen

      I just watched the vieo for the updated arrow. Which is kewl. I have one question though, It says we need to update our guides? If i have purchased all the guides available, how is it i need to update them in order to use them with the arrow? Im confused or just stupid but that makes no sense to me. Please explain Dugi.

      • Dugi

        The guides update are free if you have already purchased them. The guide mapping data was changed to mapID, eg Westfall is now 20 and there are thousands of values like this in the guide. If you don’t update the guide, the arrow don’t know where to place the waypoint and will just use your current location and that can often be incorrect.

    • Gustavo Valerin

      Thanks man, I was really tired of my constant TomTom disconnection. It is great to have our own arrow. Really appreciate it.
      Regards, Gustavo Valerin (Costa Rica, Central America)

    • Jordan Humberto de Souza


      Just bought it. Working like a charm!

      • Jordan Humberto de Souza

        Will you update talented to 3.0? I would also like to know if it is possible to integrate talented as a automatic way, like zygor do. It would be more pleasant as it auto-apply every level the correct talent points.

        With this i mean, will you make a buit-in custom talent/glyph helper?

        Also would like to know if there is an ETA for the Loremaster guide.

        • Dugi

          It may be a while until we get there, personally I prefer Talented as there is more flexibility for customization and freedom. And I think its better for our members to get used to Talented so that they learn to create their own talent spec.
          Loremaster Guide is a couple of weeks away .

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