Our built in waypoint arrow is finaly ready! check out the video below for a complete demonstration on how to use our new waypoint arrow.

This is a free update and you can update right now by using our installer or download it from the download area below.


Make sure you update all our guides aswell as the old guides are not compatible with our new mapping system.

Also a reminder that our One Day Sale will begin tommorow! make sure you take advantage of this special one time offer of 50% discount all guides and packages.

I hope you enjoy the new update and give us your feedback down below.

– Dugi

    74 replies to "Dugi Guides v4.6 Waypoint Arrow Update"

    • mikeart

      After four hours play with the new update, every thing is working fine, no problems here mate, thanks for a great bit of kit!

    • Dave

      Hmm .. I’m now getting only 3fps with the guide running. Everythings fine when I disable it 🙁

      Any ideas as its now unusable for me

      • Dugi

        Can you post some screenshot to ticket support,

        click repair button with our make sure you have the latest update of everything, you also need to use the TomTom version included with our download and don’t use the one from Curse or WoWInterface as they are not the latest beta version.

        • Dave

          Ok , did the repair and also cleared the cache and all now seems well. I did post a ticket but please ignore that now.

          Keep up the good work from a very satisfied customer 🙂

    • dan conlan

      guides not working i have tryed the repair button have you updated it for united states severs btw awsome guides happy customer 😀

    • Carole

      Hi Dugi…

      I’m downloading your guides tomorrow and wanted to know if the new version of your waypoint arrow will automatically come with the downloads…Or will I need to download it separately.

      I’m using your trial version now and am loving it! I’m brand new to both online gaming and WoW, so your guides are of a tremendous help. Much appreciation, Dugi et. al.

      • Dugi

        It will come with it, this is a free update.
        If you update your trial now, you should receive the new arrow.

    • mikeart

      Nice one, this looks so much better than tom tom, selling your product is so much more ethical when you know and believe in that product, you deserve a medal of honour, any ideas folks? perhaps “Dugi’s very own MBE, I shall have a word with the Queen !!

    • Atazla

      Dugi Just watched the video on the new Waypoint Arrow. Then I downloaded the v4.6 Waypoint Arrow Update using the Dugi Guides Installer. When I opened the settings. The “Show Ant Trail” option is not selectable. Any idea what I did? How can I correct the problem?

      Keep up the great work!

      • Dugi

        Show Ant Trail won’t work if you’re using carbonite because carbonite already have that feature built in.

    • Misstereous

      Dugi I love your guide but recently it started taking 2-3 minutes to logon. I turned off all add-ons and it logs on rapidly, but when I turn on your guide it goes back to taking a really long time to log on. What can I do to fix this?

      • Dugi

        how many addons are you using? try to reduce the number addons that you use.

        • Jordan Humberto de Souza

          What addons do you recommend using with dugi’s guide?

          • Dugi

            Really depends on what you’re looking for, we aim to make Dugi Guides all you need for leveling.

            • Jordan Humberto de Souza

              So for leveling, stancing[dungeons], gold making, what would you recommend?

              Countdown to buy xDDD

        • Misstereous

          It is only with yur add on that the problem occurs. If I load only Dugi’s Guide the log on time is 2-3 minutes.

          • Dugi

            We are not able to replicate this issue at all, the loading time is pretty much the same for us with or without dugi guides. Try deleting your cache folder.

    • Funkyd


      I updated everything with the installer, but cannot see anything new, the normal tomtom arrow is showing along with it’s usual options. Am I doing something wrong?

      Besides that, keep up the awesome work! Love it!

      • Funkyd

        Do you have any clue what I could have done wrong?

    • Historic

      Yet again I think about something and they add it 0.o your great and a mind reader spooky arrow looks great with my UI cant wait till we can colour it tho.
      ta muchy

    • Dozi

      Dugi I just wanted to say that the new arrow looks smart, keep up the good work.

      I also wanted to say that as far as I was aware the carbonite arrow works just fine in the phased starting area’s. I use carbonite and can’t think of a time that it has not shown up except for dungeons, which as I understand is something Blizzard have not allowed.

      • Dugi

        It works fine when you click on the quest objective button, but they used their own special way to do that and we’re not really able to ‘hook’ into it with our guide.

        Once they convert to the new mapID standard we will be able to do it.

    • Jordan Humberto de Souza

      Will you tweak the new arrow system to work streamline with carbonite? I’m buying your guide tomorrow, ALL of them, wish to know if this is possible, or even make the default arrow substitute completely the carbonite addon.

      • Dugi

        We have already done that, there is an option to use carbonite arrow instead of Dugi arrow or use both Carbonite and Dugi Arrow.

        Carbonite arrow still have problem with the DK and Worgen zone and it is not something that we can fix on our end, you can use Dugi Arrow for those zone then you can switch it back to use Carbonite arrow afterwards.

        • Jordan Humberto de Souza

          But what about, arrow pointing inside dungeons for example, will it work?

          • Dugi

            You will need to use our arrow for that until Carbonite update their addon for it to work, you can switch maps by pressing ALT-M to see the Dungeon Map

    • Xerius

      Hi Dugi,

      In terms of the other functionality that Tomtom provided, such as dropping and leaving a waypoint, clearing all waypoints, making a waypoint the new arror direction, etc… is that something this new arrow can do?

      Appreciate the continued focus on your existing user base.


      • Dugi

        Manually creating a waypoint is currently not supported, you will still need TomTom for that. It may be something we would like to do in the future but it is currently not a priorty because TomTom can still be used along side our guide to provide you with the manual option.

        You can only remove and add waypoint that is set by the guide.

    • Angryyankee


      How do I update all the guides? I updated to the latest version and my leveling guides no longer show up except for the worgen starting area. Also, I have the latest Tomtom version and cannon see your waypoint arrow.
      Perhaps I forgot something on my end?

      • Dugi

        The TomTom version in Curse and wowinterface is not the latest.

        You need to use the latest Beta version of TomTom, it is included with the download.

        Make sure you enter your username and password for ultimatewowguide.com in the settings menu of the installer and
        try clicking the repair button and it should all be there.

    • John Edwards

      Dugi I am very pleased that you are taking care of your members keep up the great work. Thank You

    • Warstamp

      Really great update to an already amazing program. Dugi is by far the best investment you could make when it comes to making WOW a lot more enjoyable. The only reason I ever use carbonite these days is because I like the “google earth” style mapping. Besides that 100% Dugi Guides all the way! Keep up the great work Dugi.

    • steve

      Hey dugi just wanted to say all the guides and info has help me to become a better player as well as easier for me to play the game keep up the good work mate

    • Ossktini

      Very nice Dugi, Keep up the good work!

    • Derivat

      Well I don’t know if it’s me but everyone that have used the QuestHelper addon would recognize the right-click menu that drops from the waypoint arrow, let alone that the text under it is pretty much using the same template QuestHelper uses, other than that it’s quite a good work on making it finally work in the starting phased zones, good job guys and keep up the good work.

      • Dugi

        We did used the questhelper template, made our job a lot easier.

    • BlakBlood

      fix waypoint arrow to point at quest that i click on and not on the one pre-determined to do next.

    • Kieran

      this is great man. so much cooler than the tomtom arrow nice to see your always thinking of way to make our wow time that little bit more enjoyable. keep up the great work.

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