This is a feature highlight video of all the major features that we developed during MoP. I released a similar video a couple of years ago of the features we developed during Cataclysm. This is our personal commitment to deliver you the best tool for World of Warcraft.

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    • mawile

      I’m a completionist in nature and when I play a game I love exploring it as deep as possible:)
      That involved a lot of googling previously and I often found myself reading forums instead of actually playing. And hence tired of gaming. I still have to google some weird quests. Dugi just can’t be there to notice every tiny change, but I have lots more time to actually play the game and have fun:) Thanks Dugi!

    • Karl

      Huge thanks Dugi I would have given up on WOW long ago were it not for your guides and addon’s it makes the game that much easier to enjoy.

    • Ruthless

      I’ve been playing WoW for going on 9 years now. During that time, I tried all sorts of online guides to help me level faster or more efficiently. One of my buddies told me about Dugi’s Guide and I gave it a shot. Honestly, one of the best investments I’ve made towards any in-game type purchase. I was able to make more gold than I had in the past, able to complete more achievements and have more fun just playing the game. I recommend this guide over any other that I have tried.

    • Arya

      Hi Dugiand staff !! I just want to thank so very mutch for all you do to make the game so funny to play Fantastic !!!Love you guys !!!

      Big hug !!!

    • Paul M

      Wouldn’t even think of trying to level (or get an achievement, or level a profession, or run my dailies……) without a Dugi Guide on screen. Rebuilt my UI a while back and hadn’t gotten around to turning the guides back on and couldn’t figure out why it was so tough to figure out where to go for my daily. Never a question about getting the next iteration. Thanks.

    • wywy

      Dugi, your guides are truly amazing. Were it not for your guides I would probably have stopped playing WOW quite some time ago. So I thank you and I think WOW should thank you too. You not only provide the best guides on the market, and at a reasonable price, but you are a very fair and caring person. I am most pleased to be one of your completely satisfied customers and supporters.

    • regulator

      I just re-subbed to wow after a 2 year break. I love all the improvements you have made Dugi. I look forward to using your guides in the game. Keep up the great work

    • JackN

      Been using Dugi Guides since 2006. Tried other guides, but always came back to Dugi’s. Why? Because these are the best on the market bar none. Thanks Dugi for the great guides and great customer service.

    • daca2012

      Dugi as always your services are amazing! Thank you for providing me a leveling guide and still enjoy the experience that is WOW.
      I’m ordering WOD guide now 🙂

    • mikeart

      Honeylynn, hi if you an older player have a look here
      Hope you do not mind Dugi?

    • Honeylynn

      WoW is the only game I play.. I’m older and got interested watching my grandkids play and found I really liked it but would take me forever to figure things out so I bought your guides to get a helping hand.. it’s been way more then just a helping hand.. I love the guides and wouldn’t give them back for anything.. even my grandkids who had been playing for years and thought they knew everything have found them useful .. thanks again for all your team does and for helping me stay up with the kids…

    • Jadant

      World of Warcraft for me is an ongoing experience that I will continue with for many years to come.

      I’ve played Warcraft before the Online MMO and have been impressed by the dedication of the Blizzard Franchise to keep pushing the boundaries of the game as expansions have been released.

      Dugi and his team have also pushed the boundaries of the 3rd party addon tools, with the latest Dugi guide being on the cutting edge of presentation, simplicity and ease of use. This guide is the most used tool in my addon toolbox, and I’ve come to rely on it heavily as does my wife. I highly recommend the guide to everyone, my grandkids use it so there’s no age barrier.

      Nice video encapsulating all the developments – quite timely as it adds to Blizz’s ‘Looking for Group’ documentary.

      Well done Dugi

    • MikeW

      Dugi, your guides are a must have for anyone that wants to efficiently and effectively navigate the WOW universe. I certainly appreciate and use all of the additional functionality that you and your team have inserted into the guides. Like a very popular credit card, I never leave home without my Dugi guides.

    • pipoligy

      No matter how well you think you know the game, play the game, live the game Dugi has something else to show you.
      I would still be wondering around the wilderness now if i hadn’t found Dugi`s guides.
      Thank you for all that you have helped me manage to achieve…

    • Rod

      Wow is a great game, but Dugi’s guides make it so much better. As a long time user I believe this guide has always been the best, and from past history it will always be the best. Thanks’ Dugi and the team.

    • toocool739

      I love this guide. Constantly updated. Affptdable and has similar interests as i do. Awesome….

    • MorningStarGG

      Great work on all those features during MoP cannot wait to see what you will come up with during WoD!

    • Greg

      No matter how many evolutions WOW has gone through, Dugi and his guides have evolved with them, always timely and always trying to raise the bar and add something new to the guides. Great product and the only thing that beats the product is the excellent customer service! Thanks to you and your team from a loyal customer.

    • mikeart

      As ever your on top of your game dugi, there is just no other substitute for your guides, I play with my son in law sometimes he can not understand how I have the edge on him in game play, do not tell him I have Dugi guides !!

    • DarkShaddow

      Thank you for all your hard work!
      I use your guides all the time, could never give them up!

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