I’m proud to announce that our brand new automatic installer / updater is now available for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Mac OS X.  You can now use this special installer to automatically update your Dugi Guides before you play WoW.

The installer will be able to accept your Dugi Guides (dugiguides.com) login and password, to automatically install all your purchased guides with one click.

With the release of this installer we will no longer send you anymore ‘Update’ emails on bug fixing. You can simply check for updates instantly by loading the installer before you play, and details of the update will be available in the log.

OK go download it right now in the download area,  and tell us what you think by posting on the comment section below.

    123 replies to "Dugi Guides Automatic Installer / Updater Now Available!"

    • Craig Dalton

      Works great for me on a Mac. Thanks for delivering more and more value to your customers, Dugi!

    • Dale Lewis

      Just a quick note to say that mine is working fine on a 64bit vista.

      This is a really polished and great downloader – well done! Very impressed


    • Roedie

      Perhaps you should set useraccount this way that it dont give a message if a program try to change something on your computer? I have set it on 0 because if im updating qicktime I had always the same problem’. It blokked the installation.
      Its in Windows 7 en Vista.

    • gerald ellifritz

      Could it be a problem on your end with us logging in with the downloader

    • gerald ellifritz

      anyone still having a problem with this

      • udowanano

        yup mine still doesnt work

    • gerald ellifritz

      I have the latest java, turned off av software, deleted all addons, deleted and reinstalled wow and it still doesnt work. any ideas. windows 7 64bit

      • Dugi

        How is it not working? does it load at all? did you try running it in Admin mode?

        Are you sure you are using the latest installer?

        Delete your current DugiGuides.exe and download again.

        • rebelyell

          Yes I have download the latest installer I have deleted old one. Downloaded latest java . I have tried anything in the post. When it comes upit just stops working and it is says logging in but when I do trial evrything works fine.

          • Dugi

            What is happening when you enter your login name and password? It stops working, you’re not able to do anything with it? you can’t click settings menu or anything?

            what does it say, can you send me a screenshot to dave at ultimatewowguide.com

            I just tested your account and it seems to work fine.

            It can take a bit of time for it to log in, are you able to log in our members area ok?

    • James Giordano

      Won’t work on my Mac – Java is current – Getting Java error

    • Peter

      For some reason the installer will not work for me. On one computer I double click and it does nothing. On another it will give a warning about Java the first time, then like the first computer does nothing from then on regardless of how many times I try to start it. Any ideas?

      • Dugi

        Make sure you have the latest Java installed, you may need to uninstall your old version and reinstall the latest one.


    • Scott Lees

      Hi. Downloaded your auto updater but accidently closed the window where you put in your user id and password….now it thinks I’m a trial user…..have tried redownloading it several times with no success. Could you please tell me how to get that window back? When i enter game everything seems to be there but I did not fill in that window and it does state I’m a trial user….

      • Scott Lees

        Sorry..disregard my last post….didn’t see settings button…..oops

    • Roedie

      as far as I now there is no java for 64 bit?

    • Mike Wollenhaupt

      Doug, this looks good to me. This will be a much better download process. Thanks.

    • ross williamson


      INstalled OK for me. Where is the resultant application to launch it after the first time or does it automatically check as part of the wow start-up?

      • Dugi

        I’m not sure what you mean, you need to run the same file again to check for updates. It will be in your download directory.

      • Rachel Eddy

        having same problem. cannot find the launcher.exe. it is not in the download directory.

        • Dugi

          Should be in World of Warcraft\Launcher.exe
          it should detect it, otherwise copy and paste the shortcut from your World of Warcraft shortcut.

    • Matt Fink

      I am able to login and update guide without a problem, but the button that turns to ‘play’ doesn’t launch the game.

      • Dugi

        I can confirm that the play button doesn’t launch wow for the Mac we will fix this soon.

    • Dalinda Marr

      I had no issues loading the installer. Only issue issue is… it says I’m a trial customer when I put in my SN and PW. However, this looks like it’ll be a lot nicer than the previous installer.

      • Dugi

        If the installer works for you as trial then it should definately work with your Login & Password, make sure that it is correct.

        • Dalinda Marr

          It is correct. I just reset it as well to make sure! Keeps saying “Invalid username/password” Download guide is current too.

    • Voidisum - Hyjal

      Works great on Windows 7 and Vista.. Thanks – I did have to uninstall JAVA and re-install it, now works perfect. Thanks again.

    • FranR

      Installed and ran it, works awesome.

      For those running Win 7 64 bit, make sure you install the appropriate version of java. Check your browser, if you use the 32bit, install 32 bit java, if you use 64bit, install 64 bit java; if you use both, install both.

      I run win 7 Ultimate, 64 bit but I use 32bit Win IE, so I’ve installed the 32 bit version and it works for me.

    • gerald ellifritz

      still the same thing is morning logging in get stuck on 17% and in says logging in

      • Dugi

        If you’re using a security software make sure you add an exception for the installer

    • Mordred

      Running on 4 different flavors of Macs and 2 OSX operating systems. Updater works flawlessly. Love the Account pane on the left and the blog pane top-right. Good job.

    • Shane Hartmann

      Wonderful tool to save having to go keep track of versions, thank you !

      Now to ensure I don’t have to keep reminding myself to run it… it would be great if you could get its memory usage optimised a little and add the ability to keep it running in the background – i.e. minimise to system tray – with a icon to show updates available.

      Thanks in advance

    • leonard keane

      so cool great job updates my files ok runs game thanks

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