I’m proud to announce that our brand new automatic installer / updater is now available for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Mac OS X.  You can now use this special installer to automatically update your Dugi Guides before you play WoW.

The installer will be able to accept your Dugi Guides (dugiguides.com) login and password, to automatically install all your purchased guides with one click.

With the release of this installer we will no longer send you anymore ‘Update’ emails on bug fixing. You can simply check for updates instantly by loading the installer before you play, and details of the update will be available in the log.

OK go download it right now in the download area,  and tell us what you think by posting on the comment section below.

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    • cliff richardson

      I keep getting invalid user name/password….can’t get it to work

      • Dugi

        It will work with the correct login and password, it is case sensitive make sure you type it correctly.

        • Hal Bent

          I’m having the same issue, not case sensitive issue, even changed my member account password and tried again, no joy.

          • Dugi

            It should work for all OS now, If you’re using a security software make sure you add an exception for the installer.

    • HexVexie

      if you could get this updater to work with my mods; you’d be a God!…… well at least a Demi-God 🙂

    • Thiassi

      Works great on Windows 7 x64 now.

      One thing I did notice, it sat attempting to log in for about 10 mins. Disabled Kaspersky AV and tried again and it went in within 10 secs.

      So any prob logging in needs an exception setup in AV software.

      • Udowanano

        what the heck is Kaspersky

        • Thiassi

          Kaspersky is anti-virus software but the point was, regardless of what AV software you use, you may need to make an exception within it to allow Dugi’s Updater to access the internet. Like many other software around.

    • Dave

      Can you make the password text box masked? (Win 7 x64)

    • Waxymud

      Worked fine no problems on my laptop on Vista, however DOES NOT want to go past the 1/8th point of the “Logging in …..” stage on my windows 7 installation on desk top PC.

      If i run it as a trial account it logs in okay.

      As soon as I try to run it with my account details it just sits there, doing nothing and for well over an hour!

      I have checked and double checked my password and account login. Same on both machines, yet Win 7 does still not want to play.

      Both installs using latest version.

      • Dugi

        we will update it to hide your password very soon, I’m sorry we missed that. The banner will likely stay for good, the space is reserved for extra attention to any of our new guides, or special events.

      • Tom Ridsdale

        Same issues here…free works great, member login hangs at 1/8

    • Roedie

      Waauw this is working great!
      At the other hand I agree with Andrew Millar. This should be changed of course.

      Thank you

    • John Stoops

      Using Windows 7 x64 bit, its running like a charm.
      Although, i have to agree with Andrew Millar about the password not being ****

      And that Add he also addresses in his point 2 is also quite annoying, as every paying customer should alway have an option to disable these adds.

    • Andrew Millar

      1) I don’t like the fact that in the settings area it has your account password exposed in full view and isn’t ********** out like everyother bit of software in the world, really a security risk for our accounts we have paid for.. Please sort this sooner rather than later.

      2) At least for a user that has paid for your product can you remove the big add in the middle of the page? You have all the options for us in the left plane.

      Otherwise this install perfectly on my Windows 7 x64 install with no trouble at all..

    • Jerry

      still having problems with win7 64bit freezes up and says logging in

      • gerald ellifritz

        works on trial but not when i log in

    • Susan

      Works great now. Thank you for being so quick with the fix.

    • Rhonda

      It says logging in, but just sits there. We have checked our passwords, but stays stuck on “logging in”

      • Dugi

        Try reloading it and be patient, it can take up to 30 seconds depending on your connection.

        • gerald ellifritz

          that didnt work tried reloading about 10 times now

    • Antonio

      Just finished installing the new Dugi Installer. It’s AWSOME!!! I didn’t get any problems like the other people did. I put in my Login and Password and everything was automatic… I love it!!! Keep up the great work. It makes updating and installing Dugi’s guide easy and fun. THANKS!!!

    • tlb506

      Thanks Dugi – quick response – Mac version working great now too.

    • Vaughn

      Was just wondering if this will work only with the paid version or will it wotk on the free version as well?

      • Dugi

        This will work for free version aswell, just leave the login and password as blank.

    • Dugi

      Mac User: please use the latest download here

    • Garrett Stratton

      Working on Windows 7 x64

    • Seegs

      Downloaded latest update, loaded and installed, logged in and updated without any problems, congrats Dugi! This is on a win7 32bit system with the latest java update. Andrew.

    • Matthew W.

      Mac issues still persist with Jar. console reveals the following:

      12/14/10 10:56:04 PM [0x0-0x788788].com.apple.JarLauncher[96175] Exception in thread “main” java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
      12/14/10 10:56:04 PM [0x0-0x788788].com.apple.JarLauncher[96175] at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
      12/14/10 10:56:04 PM [0x0-0x788788].com.apple.JarLauncher[96175] at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(NativeMethodAccessorImpl.java:39)
      12/14/10 10:56:04 PM [0x0-0x788788].com.apple.JarLauncher[96175] at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java:25)
      12/14/10 10:56:04 PM [0x0-0x788788].com.apple.JarLauncher[96175] at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:597)
      12/14/10 10:56:04 PM [0x0-0x788788].com.apple.JarLauncher[96175] at org.eclipse.jdt.internal.jarinjarloader.JarRsrcLoader.main(JarRsrcLoader.java:58)
      12/14/10 10:56:04 PM [0x0-0x788788].com.apple.JarLauncher[96175] Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: input == null!
      12/14/10 10:56:04 PM [0x0-0x788788].com.apple.JarLauncher[96175] at javax.imageio.ImageIO.read(ImageIO.java:1362)
      12/14/10 10:56:04 PM [0x0-0x788788].com.apple.JarLauncher[96175] at wow.guide.gui.gui.getImageIcon(gui.java:112)
      12/14/10 10:56:04 PM [0x0-0x788788].com.apple.JarLauncher[96175] at wow.guide.gui.gui.initialize(gui.java:119)
      12/14/10 10:56:04 PM [0x0-0x788788].com.apple.JarLauncher[96175] at wow.guide.gui.gui.(gui.java:102)
      12/14/10 10:56:04 PM [0x0-0x788788].com.apple.JarLauncher[96175] at wow.guide.gui.gui.main(gui.java:96)
      12/14/10 10:56:04 PM [0x0-0x788788].com.apple.JarLauncher[96175] … 5 more

      I’m definitely running latest version of Java, etc.

    • Lance Barlow

      Throws this error on start:

      Uncaught exception in main method: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sum/syndication/io/XmlReader

      Mac OS X 10.6.4 – all system software up to date

      • Steven VanSickle

        I get the same error on OS X 10.6.4

        I’ve also tried using the old manual install and the guides won’t load for anything after Northern Barrens (10-20)

    • Charles

      The latest upload fixed all problems for me. Win 7 x64

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