World of Wacraft Patch 6.0.2  will be available tommorow with majors changes to the games and also Dugi Guides.

The highlight for this patch that you should not miss is the new Iron Horde Invasion quest line. A guide for this event is available for free in the Events section of our guides.

Click here to download Dugi Guides installer and update to the latest version


421106This event is only available until November 13th which is when full WoD expansion goes live and it will reward you with a unique companion / battle pet the Iron Starlette.

Don’t miss out on this reward as you can only get it during this event. Once the event is over it will be gone for good.

Dugi Guides Addon Changes

The new WoW 6.0 comes with a lot of changes with the API and here a few important thing that you need to know.

  • The Gear Advisor is temporarily disabled until it is fully updated for the new stats systems.
  • The Objective Tracker currently bugged after zoning into a Dungeon.  It is best to disable the addon when you’re in a dungeon.
  • The Objective Tracker (Watch Frame) is no longer moveable. Blizzard made a lot of changes to the Objectives Tracking system and moving it can create errors, we will continue to look for a solution with the live version of WoW.
  • If you wish to move Dugi Guides go to Settings > Display > and un tick ‘Anchored Frame’ mode to switch to Floating Frame and this will allow you to move Dugi Guides Small Frame anywhere on your screen.

Please bear with us as we tackle these issue, they are our top priority. click here for the full list of changes.

Enjoy Patch 6.0!

    30 replies to "Dugi Guides Pre-Patch 6.0.2 Update"

    • Tom

      WTF did you remove my question?

      Is Dugi Guild AFK leveling system or I need to steer my toon manual?

      • Dugi

        your question is still there, the monthly payment is automatic.

        And you need to play your character, anything else will get you banned.

    • Tom

      If I sign and decide to pay monthly, should I pay manual or it will be draw from my bank account/paypal automaticaly?

    • denzildk

      so i can see how to disable anchored small frame, but how do i enable it, it’s grayed out so i can’t click on it.
      Also can you add support for xloot with the gear upgrade stuff there is on items being rolled?

      • Dugi

        you enable it the same as how you disabled it, just tick the Anchored Frame option. it shouldn’t be greyed out.

    • marcus

      the new patch when is tommrow

    • David K.

      Please move the part of the objectives tracker that is related to Dugi Guides. ( The part where it asks you to load a guide above the objectives ) It goes too far over to the right and over laps the Action bars on the right side of the screen and is VERY annoying.

      • Dugi

        If you wish to move Dugi Guides go to Settings > Display > and un tick ‘Anchored Frame’ mode to switch to Floating Frame and this will allow you to move Dugi Guides Small Frame anywhere on your screen.

    • Michael J Maione

      Please fix the above items as soon as possible. The Object Tracker is in a bad place and now I have to move my mini map down to the lower right side (since I use sexymaps) because it’s bigger and does not fit with the Objective Tracker!


      • Dugi

        You will need to use another addon to move the objective tracker. If you wish to move dugi guides you can by going to Settings > Display > and un tick ‘Anchored Frame’ mode

      • JohnCH

        A great addon for this type of need is one called “MoveAnything”! It is available from and has been updated for WoD, so no worries about it not working with the new patch or expansion. 🙂
        It is true to its name and will allow you to move almost anything. (I’d say Anything, but someone would quickly find an exception and let us know about it, lol!)

    • Kathy

      Just checking in to say that slowly but surely it’s getting better everyday since the patch dropped. No sooner do I notice a problem but BOOM there’s a patch that fixes it. For the record, I hadn’t realized how dependent I had become on Gear Adviser until its gone, hehehe, but I appreciate that you don’t want it in til it’s right. Thanks for everything the Dugi team does!

    • Willard Perrymore

      None of the MoP dailies show up under dailies. The only things I can select are the vendor supply runs.

      • Dugi

        Make sure you enter your username and password with the Dugi Installer and reinstall.

    • Eric

      Wont let me check the Move Watch Frame, its greyed out and Watch Frame Compatibility Mode is greyed out but has a check and wont let me change it? The frame is right where I like to keep my map. How do I fix this?

      • Eric

        Nevermind I just saw that it cant be moved.

      • Michael J Maione

        Same Problem! I moved my map down to the lower right corner since I have it bigger with SexyMap addon.

    • Wanderman

      Also for me Iron Horde Invasion does not show up under events.

      • Dugi

        Try updating now.

    • guty

      cannot load leveling guide
      cannot submit a ticket

      please ask me what to do

      • Dugi

        I think should work now, try reinstalling

    • Mike Wollenhaupt

      Just wanted to say that the new,, updated guides for the WoD are great. I like the way you have separated the quest info from the guide info. Fits inn nicely with the Blizz info.

    • Mikeart

      All these changes are going to take a while to settle down, I have every faith you guys at “dugis” will be on top of the game soon, regards Mike.

    • Peter

      Fixed with 7.01. Thanks.


      Iron Horde Invasion does not show up under events for me

      • Peter

        Me neither.

      • Josh

        Nor I

        • Paul

          with regard to the guide it would be nice if you could either A. make a very detailed guide that is segmented by zone that allows you to do these quests without so much overlap, I see myself running into zones with so many new quests I couldn’t start and my rep never gets help. also I understand u can control the places you go but you guys still need to make leveling more streamlined…and should include an addon built into dg that has cross zone quests built in so you don’t have to finish a zone or wait to be suggested one. im just saying that and the npc addon that is out there npc_scan, etc. you guys would and should make an addon that is like that but somehow even better because that kind of info in this expansion is critical. And your guides are often puttering out when I queue for pvp and wont let me even pvp while im waiting for a dungeon or needing help finding my way around for questing gets more ignorant when it comes to pvp. your guide should help people get better at pvp and arena somehow: I have higher expectations than what you guys are doing, I know you can do better which is why I still use the guide I just can not seem to use it even close to consistently. guys ur guides have always made it easier to do just about anything but pvp and other things that should make the fee worth your sanity and confidence

          • Paul

            ok thanks for ur time and listening. I probably forgot what I really…I yea ur guides should somehow include pvp a lot thanks dugi and team for all your efforts though; last but not least I think your gold guide should be free for people who bought everything else like you did with free loyalty and future expansions. that gold guide would sell more accounts and im shocked you guys can’t see that.

          • Dugi

            > make a very detailed guide that is segmented by zone that allows you to do

            This is exactly what we offer, I’m not sure why you don’t see this? are you playing with the guides enabled?

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