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Carbonite patch 3.3.5 fix

Since patch 3.3.5 was released you may have noticed that Carbonite constantly reports LUA errors and if your  LUA error report setting is turned off your game will run very slow because of the error reports.

This is a quick fix that I have done to remove these errors and have Carbonite back to normal, you can download it below.


All you have to do is replace your World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\Carbonite\Carbonite.lua file with the one above.

Please note: This is not an official fix and we are not affiliated with Carbonite in anyway but I know a lot of our customers  are using Carbonite with our guides and this will fix it temporarily until the official fix is released by the original authors.

You can download the original Carbonite files at

Also a friendly reminder to make sure you disable TomTom if you are using Carbonite as TomTom can sometimes conflict with Carbonite’s map and incorrectly place the waypoints.  Dugi’s Guide will work perfectly with Carbonite’s waypoint arrow instead.

– Dugi

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    • palexander81

      I cannot seem to find the file you are talking about.

    • i need ALL addons :D

      THx all guys

    • djwilmer

      por favor el carbonite de 3.3.5

    • logg

      yeah is the addon prefect = simple/efficient

    • Meikira

      Thank you thank you for saving my carbonite

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