Hi everyone, this is  quick post to talk about the new Bonus Objective quest which appears in the new level 90 – 100 zones (Dreanor).
Bonus Objectives icons will show up on your map like this….


and these quest will automatically appear in your objective tracker when your character is within the area.


Bonus Objectives are not required for you to complete to progress the zone but I do recommend doing them because…

  • You can complete them a long side of regular quests.
  • Bonus Objectives typically worth 3 – 5 times more XP and Gold than your regular quests.
  • You can get an achievement for completing all the Bonus Objectives in the zone and all of Draenor.

The extra XP definitely makes them worth doing but it does come with some draw backs…

  • It can be a bit “grindy” and will take you a bit longer to complete than your reqular quests.
  • Some of them is hard to reach (without flying mount), difficult to complete and not worth your time.

But if you’re good at rounding up the npcs and kill them quickly then you will receive big XP bonus for leveling without slowing you down much.

Going out your way to complete the Bonus Objectives early will often be a mistake because you should complete them at the right time with regular quests.

We got you covered with this because in our new Warlords of Dreanor90 – 100 leveling guide update, there will be steps that will recommend the best time complete the Bonus Objectives because it is best when you’re in the area and also able to complete multiple quests at the same time

We are on track with our Warlords of Dreanor leveling guides updates and it will be available the moment the expansion goes live.

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Hope you enjoy this post



    11 replies to "Bonus Objectives in Draenor (Are they worth doing?)"

    • Annie Capek

      Where do we turn in Bonus Objectives as you completer them?
      Thank you!!

      • Dugi

        it turns in automatically

    • Erran

      This is a really super post! Thank you!!

    • sharyl smith

      I had the objectives until today when i logged in. Now they aren’t there. I tried downloading guide again, but nothing. What happened. I am in talador and want to do objectives. thanks for help.

    • wowbest

      kost this money? it dont works i log in on wow nothing have happend no the guide nothing?

    • Cesar

      Amazing!!! This is why I continue to be a subscribed member!!

    • Sven

      Dugi I just want to say that you are sooo amazing!

    • Kathy

      Thanks for this info. I’ve done one or two of these in beta and the gold was nice, but I was wondering if they would be worth my time when WoD went live. Now I know. Dugi always comes thru!

    • Leslie Crane

      I’ve been play testing beta and I so can not wait til the release!!! Keep up the awesome work!

    • Joseph Kobylinski

      I have been long time member of Dugi Guides and will continue to support the efforts he is putting into these projects. I am very much looking forward to new WOD exp.

      Keep up the great work Dugi, YOU ARE THE MAN!

    • Mikeart

      Yet another good reason to stick with Dugi guides thanks guys.

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