Sorry for the delay with this announcement, these are the winners of the ‘Yellow Button’ Guess Contest for the prize of a 30 day prepaid game card.

We had over 270 entries and lots of interesting suggestions, about 4 people got the answer correctly which is displaying the Model or image of what is important for the current step. The rest of the winners were picked randomly via a draw!

Congratulations to all the winners.

All the winners need to contact me and tell me what server that they are on EU or US.
prepaid game gard

  1. GrayW
  2. Necrosniper
  3. Arlathan
  4. Ken Weade
  5. Kathy Sandidge
  6. gordong11
  7. Zach
  8. Racko
  9. i3
  10. Namik

    7 replies to "Winners of ‘Yellow Button’ Guess Contest"

    • Kathy Sandidge

      eeeeek! just saw that I was a random winner! kind of excited, and grats to the folks that guessed it! But, ummm, I thought I was s’posed to get an email letting me know I had won? How can I contact you with my server info?

      • Dugi

        you can PM me in the forum or use ticket support

    • Rod

      ok so I was wrong, the yellow button didn’t make a cup of coffee, maybe next time.Grat to all.

    • Ken Weade

      US – anderal!!!
      Yea!!!! awsome job all!

    • Angela


    • udowanano


    • GrayW

      Congratulations everyone!

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