Instance leveling is the quickest way to get to level 85, but did you know that doing your instance quests will get you there even faster?  Instance quests are those that must be done inside of the instances throughout World of Warcraft.  Most of them are available from quest givers outside the instances, although a few can be picked up inside of them.  Many instance quests involve killing a specific boss inside a specific instance, although there are also a fair number that involve gathering certain items or doing certain actions inside of the instances.  Here are five reasons every WoW player should do his instance quests.

wow instance levelingReason #1: More experience – Completing instance quests while you’re instance leveling is the perfect way to get some bonus experience.  It’s sort of like a two for one deal because you get all the experience from killing creatures inside the instances, in addition to plenty of bonus experience from completing the instances quests associated with the dungeon you ran.  Also, instance quests grant twice as much experience as solo quests, so completing two instance quests is like completing four solo quests.

Reason #2: Better gear – Of course instance leveling itself will give you more chances at better gear because the bosses drop better gear than anything that’s out in the solo world.  However, the gear you get as a reward for completing instance quests is much better than the gear you get for completing solo quests.  This means two have two chances to get a gear upgrade every time you run an instance.  Additionally, if you run a random instance instead of queuing for a specific one, you have a third chance at getting better gear because you will get a bag of helpful items after you complete the instance.

Reason #3: More fun – Instance leveling gives you a chance to explore parts of the game you never did before.  The instance quests used to be the ones that WoW players purposely skipped over because they required finding a group to complete them.  However, the dungeon finder takes all the guesswork out of finding an appropriate group, no matter what time of day it is.  This makes all those instance quests a whole lot easier and more fun than they were before.  After all, isn’t it more fun to interact with other players and get the chance to take down some unique creatures to complete the quests?

Reason #4: Convenience – The fourth reason is simply a matter of convenience.  Since you’re already planning on instance leveling anyway, it certainly makes more sense to complete the instance quests.  Since you’re already planning on running instances, why not double how much you can get done in the same amount of time?

Of course completing instance quests may mean a little bit of time seeking the quests out, and having a good instance leveling guide can take some of the guesswork out of finding them.  Besides, you can always queue for a dungeon while you’re traveling to pick up the instance quests to save some more time.