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[headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]So after a long journey you FINALLY reach level 100 and you are probably wondering.. now what?[/headline_arial_medium_centered]
[content_box width=”85%”]The game has only just begun, and you will now get to enjoy all the level 100 content and begin gearing your World of Warcraft character with the best items in the game to dominate dragons and other players.

daily questThe best place to begin your path is by gaining reputation for Mist of Pandaria factions which will allow you to purchase Epic items and special enchants for a low price. Now in Mist of Pandaria, Daily quests serve as the main option for players to gain easy gold and reputation points.

Daily Quests are quests that are marked with a blue ! mark and you can do these quests once a day for Gold and Reputation rewards.

Earning gold from daily questing is guaranteed! Gold farming and playing on the auction house always relies on luck and competition. Where daily questing will ensure that your time is ALWAYS rewarded with thousands of gold.
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What Does Daily Questing Mean To You?

  • Earn Thousands of Reputation Points Per Day
  • Earn Thousands of Gold of Pure Profit
  • Earn Access to Epic Enchants, Epic Items, Epic Mounts, Valuable Pets and Heirlooms
  • Earn argent tournament Valor Points to purchase Epic or Upgrade Items in Mist of Pandaria
  • Earn argent tournament Charm of Good Fortune for additional roll chance for gear in Heroic or LFR Dungeons

warcraft reputation

Reputation = Domination

Reputations are now more important than ever in MoP because you will gain access to some of the best items in the game that can also be upgraded as Blizzard release a new content patch and introduce new Tier of items. You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of gold buying your gear from the Auction House. Exalted reputation will save you thousands of gold and get you the ultimate reward.

Dugi Daily Quest Guide Will Guide You Step-by-Step To Exalted
Reputation And Earn TONS of Gold Along The Way

dugi daily quest guide

The Dailies & Events guide comes as an in-game step-by-step guide which will be compatible with our v4 addon and you will enjoy all the same features that our leveling guide has to offer.

You will also be able to switch guides easily inside the game by using the category tabs.[/content_box]
[headline_arial_small_centered color=”#000000″]Make Gold The Guaranteed Way And Earn Reputations Essential For Special Items, Enchants And Recipes For Your Professions.[/headline_arial_small_centered]
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  • Updated for wow leveling guides warlords of dreanor
    WoW Leveling Guides, Alliance Horde, mist of pandaria
  • Forwow leveling guides mist of pandariaAlliance & wow leveling guides mist of pandariaHorde
  • 1-100 Leveling Guides
  • Automatic Gear Suggestion
  • Loremaster & Dungeon Guides
  • Daily & Events Guides
  • Achievement & Profession Guides
  • Title & Reputation Guides
  • Pet & Mount Guides
  • Fully automated with automatic step detection and automatic waypoints.
  • Simple and easy to use. Step-by-step instructions.
  • Compatible with ANY level character.
  • Compatible with Recruit-a-friend, Dungeons Heirlooms and PVP leveling.
  • Lightweight and doesn’t slow down your computer.
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[content_box_paper_white width=”75%”][headline_arial_medium_left color=”#cc0000″]Notable Daily / Reputation Rewards[/headline_arial_medium_left]

wow leveling guides cataclysm Cataclysm Faction

neutral Molten Front alliance Baradin Wardens / horde Hellscream Reach
[Flameward Hippogryph] (mount) [Reins of the Drake of the West Wind] (mount)
[Scorched Stone] (pet) [Reins of the Spectral Steed]alliance (mount)
[Mylune’s Call] (vanity) [Reins of the Spectral Wolf] horde(mount)
[Crimson Lasher] (pet) [Rustberg Gull] (pet)
[Mushroom Chair] (vanity) [Tol Barad Searchlight] (vanity)
[Hyjal Bear Cub] (pet)
neutralTherazane neutralRamkahen
[Pebble] (pet) [Reins of the Tan Riding Camel] (mount)
[Reins of the Brown Riding Camel] (mount)

cataclysm Wrath of The Lich King Faction

Note: We include every single daily quest for Wrath of The Lich King expansion, the list below shows items that would still be of interest for level 85 Cataclysm characters. Lots more items such as weapons and armor are available, however they would quickly be replaced with better level 81-85 items with Cataclysm.

alliance Alliance Vanguard / horde Horde Expedition neutralFrenzyheart Tribe
[Schematic: Mekgineer’s Chopper] (engineering) [Frenzyheart Brew] (vanity)
neutralThe Kalu’ak neutralThe Sons of Hodir
[Mastercraft Kalu’ak Fishing Pole] (fishing) [Reins of the Grand Ice Mammoth] (mount)
[Nurtured Penguin Egg] (pet) [Reins of the Ice Mammoth] (mount)
neutralThe Oracles neutralThe Wyrmrest Accord
[Reins of the Green Proto-Drake] (mount) [Reins of the Red Drake] (mount)
[Cobra Hatchling] (pet)
[Proto-Drake Whelp] (pet)
[Tickbird Hatchling] (pet)
[White Tickbird Hatchling] (pet)

cataclysm Argent Tournament Guide

The Argent Tournament in Cataclysm is more important than ever as it is now the easiest way to purchase new Heirloom Items

Each Heirloom Items costs around 60 – 90 champion seal and you can easily earn 14 champion seal per day by doing the Argent Tournament Dailies. These dailies will only take about 20 mins to complete per day.

Dugi’s Daily Quest guide will show you step-by-step how to get exalted reputation plus the Crusader title and earn Champion’s Seal to purchase awesome Epic Mounts, Heirloom Items and special pets. Heirloom Items can help boost your experience gained for leveling new characters by up to 40%.

neutralArgent Tournament Crusader After finishing the achievement Exalted Argent Champion of the Alliance/Horde and obtain the “Crusader” title
[Argent Warhorse] (mount) [Polished Breastplate of Valor] (plate)
[Argent Charger] paladin (mount) [Polished Spaulders of Valor] (plate)
[Argent Crusader’s Tabard]* (teleport) [Preened Ironfeather Breastplate](leather)
[Argent Pony Bridle]* (bank, mailbox, vendor) [Preened Ironfeather Shoulders] (leather)
[Balanced Heartseeker] (dagger) [Charmed Ancient Bone Bow] (bow)
[Bloodied Arcanite Reaper] (two-handed axe) [Repurposed Lava Dredger] (two-handed mace)
[Champion Herod’s Shoulder] (mail) [Stained Shadowcraft Spaulders] (leather)
[Champion’s Deathdealer Breastplate] (mail) [Stained Shadowcraft Tunic] (leather)
[Devout Aurastone Hammer] (one-handed mace) [Swift Hand of Justice] (Trinket)
[Dignified Headmaster’s Charge] (staff) [Tattered Dreadmist Mantle] (Cloth)
[Discerning Eye of the Beast] (trinket) [Tattered Dreadmist Robe] (Cloth)
[Mystical Pauldrons of Elements] (mail) [Venerable Dal’Rend’s Sacred Charge] (Cloth)
[Mystical Vest of Elements] (mail) [Venerable Mass of McGowan] (One-hand mace)
alliance The Silver Covenant horde The Sunreavers
[Quel’dorei Steed] (mount) [Sunreaver Hawkstrider] (mount)
[Silver Covenant Hippogryph] (mount) [Sunreaver Dragonhawk] (mount)
[Shimmering Wyrmling] (pet) [Shimmering Wyrmling] (pet)
alliance Argent Tournament Champion horde Argent Tournament Champion
[Argent Hippogryph] (mount) [Argent Hippogryph] (mount)
[Darnassian Nightsaber] (mount) [Darkspear Raptor] (mount)
[Exodar Elekk] (mount) [Forsaken Warhorse] (mount)
[Gnomeregan Mechanostrider] (mount) [Orgrimmar Wolf] (mount)
[Ironforge Ram] (mount) [Thunder Bluff Kodo] (mount)
[Stormwind Steed] (mount) [Silvermoon Hawkstrider] (mount)
[Argent Squire] (pet) [Argent Gruntling] (pet)

wow gold The Argent Tournament Pet Gold Secret

[Ammen Vale Lashling] (pet) [Durotar Scorpion] (pet)
[Dun Morogh Cub] (pet) [Enchanted Broom] (pet)
[Elwynn Lamb] (pet) [Mulgore Hatchling] (pet)
[Mechanopeep] (pet) [Sen’jin Fetish] (pet)
[Teldrassil Sproutling] (pet) [Tirisfal Batling] (pet)

Guess how much those pets (above) are worth?

pet auction house

Thats right! The Argent Tournament is a MAJOR source of easy gold for those who are willing to invest the time completing the daily quests. This is the secret gold system that many players use. These pets below will sell on average 2000g each on most servers.This figure will vary from server to server, the screenshot above is taken from a very high population server Blackrock US.

To qualify to purchase the pets you will need 40 champion seal and you can earn up to 14 champion seal per day doing daily quests. It takes only 15-20 minutes to complete all the daily quests, which means these pets could make you a profit of 2000g/hour or more.

And yes they do sell! Check your current server right now for prices.

Dugi’s Guide contains step-by-step instructions on how to meet all the achievement and Champion Seals champion seal to purchase these pets for MASSIVE profits.

burning crusade The Burning Crusade Faction

The Outland is home to the Netherwing and Sha’tari Skyguard faction which feature some of the coolest mounts in the game, Netherwing and Nether Rays. We’ve included the complete pre-requisite and daily quest guide for both these mounts.

neutralNetherwing neutralSha’tari Skyguard
[Reins of the Azure Netherwing Drake] (mount) [Blue Riding Nether Ray] (mount)
[Reins of the Cobalt Netherwing Drake] (mount) [Green Riding Nether Ray] (mount)
[Reins of the Onyx Netherwing Drake] (mount) [Purple Riding Nether Ray] (mount)
[Reins of the Purple Netherwing Drake] (mount) [Red Riding Nether Ray] (mount)
[Reins of the Veridian Netherwing Drake] (mount) [Silver Riding Nether Ray] (mount)
[Reins of the Violet Netherwing Drake] (mount)
[content_box_paper_white width=”75%”][headline_arial_small_left color=”#000000″]Want more ways to make gold?[/headline_arial_small_left]
[headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Introducing.. vendor Dugi Vendor Run Guides[/headline_arial_medium_centered]

dugi vendor run guide

Ever since it was released in September 2010, Dugi’s Vendor Run Guide has proved to be a powerful tool for a FOOL PROOF method for making gold and you can put this to use right now with little investment. With this guide…

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  • You can make 1200g/hour or more.
  • You can use it while doing archeology Archeology profession.
  • No questing required.
  • No combat / farming or any gameplay skill required.
  • No professions required.
  • Players as low as level 40 can do it.
[/green_plus_2_list]This is based on a old technique that is often used by players in the original Classic WoW. It’s where you purchase unique profession recipes from Vendors throughout Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdom and Outland, for only Coppers and Silvers. Then you resell these recipes at the Auction House for 10-20g making you MASSIVE profit.

The biggest problem is locating these vendors as they are all scattered throughout Azeroth and Outland and they are difficult to remember and find.

With Dugi Guides you will receive a streamline step-by-step path, exact location and list of items to buy, for ALL these vendors. This technique still works today in Cataclysm and in fact you can do it faster than ever since you can now fly in Azeroth.

This guide is even better when you combine with the new archeology Archeology profession as you can search for dig sites along the way.[/content_box_paper_white]
[content_box_yellow width=”75%”][headline_arial_small_left color=”#000000″]BONUS: 10 Seasonal WoW Event Guides!$20 Value FREE[/headline_arial_small_left]world of warcraft in game talent guideIncluded as part of our package is our Events guide, these seasonal events are the source of COUNTLESS fun items that you can only get during the events such as [Brewfest Pony Keg] , [Brazier of Dancing Flames] and many more!

You can also earn many achievement points that will count towards getting your [Reins of the Violet Proto-Drake] one of the fastest flying mounts in the game. Best of all these events are fun!

The Events guide will change every year as Blizzard adds more content, and these updates are free. In-Game guides are also included with our events.

world of warcraft events icon[/content_box_yellow]
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alliance leveling guide and horde leveling guide dvd cover mist of pandaria, mop

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Dugi vs Zygor

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There are no questions asked, no “wiggle clauses” and no funny business.

You have 60 full days to put it to work for you, and you either you love it or you get a refund. Wouldn’t it be great if everything came with this kind of guarantee.

So, click here and get your discounted access to Dugi Guides right now. You have absolutely no risk…and everything to gain!

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Wishing you the very best with your adventures in Azeroth

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[content_box_light_blue width=”75%”][headline_arial_small_centered color=”#000000″]Thumbs upIncredible Value[/headline_arial_small_centered]

“I am just stunned with the way Dugi Guides works. They are the absolute best around. From the ridiculously low price to the service provided, Dugi is the man! I struggled for years to get my Death Knight up in levels, now with Dugi Guides I turn days of leveling into hours! I am a casual player due to my extreme time constraints so I like to maximize my gaming effiency. I was getting bored with wow because leveling had become an agonizingly slow process. I tried Dugi Guides and BOOM, I’m a lean mean leveling machine! I love wow once again and it’s all because of Dugi! I showed my buddies and their eyes almost popped out of their heads, they all went home and got the guides. I’ve never seen a company work so hard for so little money.

The guide is top notch, the support and communications are unrivaled, the updates and improvements are amazing. I have my leveling guide and I will be getting Dugi’s other guides, count on it. Thank you Dugi you are the undisputed best!

seekkindness, joined Dec 2010read more testimonials on our forum [/content_box_light_blue]

[content_box_light_blue width=”75%”][headline_arial_small_centered color=”#000000″]Thumbs up Best money spent[/headline_arial_small_centered]

“For more than a year in WOTLK I did nothing but raiding and some dailies here and there. I leveled a bit on a few alts and, as all are aware, it cost to support alts sometimes. I did dailies, and LFG quests until the Dungeon finder came along. I did 2 or 3 randoms then logged off if not a raid night. I was bored with the grind of dailies and wanted a change.

I bought the leveling guide to work on my alts and get my main to 85. After seeing how easy it was, I got my main alt to 85 as well.
I decided to try the dailies guide and maybe it wouldn’t be such a drag to get the Exalted Gear. I cant farm Heroics due to the 35 to 45 min queue time on my server for dps so the tabards don’t help me much.

After following the Dailies Guide it was such a breeze to get Exalted with a few factions, I started farming dailies everywhere while waiting in queue for heroics, and it make the wait seem like no time has passed and I average 2k per day income between dailies, random, and loot.

Now I have 4 toons at 85, 3 of which are at item level 349 + and 3 more that are at 75, 80, and 82. If I could have it to do all over again, I wouldnt hesitate to spend the money on Dugi’s Guides.

With the work they do on this, I think its a real bargain.”

wyzrdx, joined Dec 2010 read more testimonials on our forum [/content_box_light_blue]

[content_box_light_blue width=”75%”][headline_arial_small_centered color=”#000000″]DefaultHave to say, WOW Dugi![/headline_arial_small_centered]

“I’ve been a WoW player now since Beta and had a few toons that I always max leveled and played on a regular basis. I loved my other toons (have 1 of each class) but the quest/level grinds were beginning to get to me and soon they fell by the wayside of my play time. I started with Dailies and Events guide and once I started seeing how good the app was, I’ve never turned back and picked up all the Alliance mods. I’m now almost fully level 85’s with all my toons. Only 1 level on my hunter and 4 levels on my warrior until I’m done.

Dugi, these guides make leveling those toons so much more enjoyable and completely lost track of time and worries as I just followed the arrows, killed everything I felt like killing and just turned in quest after quest.

Anyone considering this addon, the money is worth it. And not only is the app a complete joy, but Dugi’s customer service has never failed to impress me and I can’t recommend this service enough.

Good on ya Dugi! You got a customer for as long as you keep going with it. You provide a “GREAT” app and the service you provide is top notch.”

Moonrager, joined Aug 2010 read more testimonials on our forum [/content_box_light_blue]

[content_box_light_blue width=”75%”][headline_arial_small_centered color=”#000000″]DefaultThe greatest wow guides… ever![/headline_arial_small_centered]

“Dugi’s guides are the greatest thing that has happened to me in my whole time playing WoW. I have almost all of them now and they are so helpful and easy to use. It couldn’t be simpler to install them and start using them straight away. The waypoint arrows are spot on and each step of every guide is detailed with everything you need to know. They really are perfect and i have recommended them to all of my friends in-game.

Dugi’s guides really do have the WoW factor. (Pardon the pun) ”

Yenfire, joined May 2010read more testimonials on our forum [/content_box_light_blue]

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