Hi Everybody, I know you’ve been waiting for the update
for patch 3.3 to release and the wait is not for much

I have just uploaded the video announcement here.

Dugi Guides™ | World of Warcraft Leveling Guides © 2010 – 2024

We’re going to release Dugi Guides V3 with BANG and
we’re going to give away a BIG bonus that will be available
for every members of UltimateWoWGuide, I guess this will be
our christmas gift for you 🙂

Without giving you too much information in this newsletter
we have added a ton of new features that will make Dugi Guides
V3 the BEST leveling guide.

So head on over to our website to learn more. I’ve set up a
cool video for you to watch that I think you’ll enjoy.

After you’ve watched it, let us know what you’re thinking by writing
a comment under the video!

Dugi Guides™ | World of Warcraft Leveling Guides © 2010 – 2024

Allright! I’ll see you there

All the best
Dave Farrell (Dugi)

    10 replies to "UltimateWoWGuide is Closed… Dugi Guide v3 Announced!"

    • Nelia

      Woot, I will cernlitay put this to good use!

    • nicholas

      i think it is real cool that you updated the guide however alot of people paid to be lifetime members, and now you want more money for the update, that is bad buisness all curent coustomers should have access to the update with no charge!

      Nicholas Gibson

      • Dugi

        You are mistaken, there is no update fee for lifetime members.

    • Tyler


    • Andrew

      I love the Auto-Sync idea as it will save hours of time if you want to play an old char of 40+ and it telling you where to start again. I use your old guide and am looking forward to using your new guide with the new features.

    • SlvrDrgn

      I am very pleased with the auto sync and the ability to cntl-rightclick on the ingame blizzard quest is a plus. Now just interface with wow head and it will be complete

    • Karel

      COOOOOOOL!!!!! this is the best guide ever!!!

    • Bless

      Hey Dugi!

      As you already know we have supported your guide since we started at hordereview.com and you can be sure that we will continue to support your guide once Ultimate WoW Guide V3 drops. I look forward to your new product and hope we can assist in making this another great product from your team!

    • Lee

      Awsome news!

    • Susan

      I love it. Really WOW. one Question. how will the dailie guide work with this new version? Espically if you have to log out before finishing the dailies for that area?

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