[headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Blood 1-85 Leveling Talent Guide[/headline_arial_medium_centered]

Blood spec is our #1 choice for leveling because it is also a great tanking spec for Dungeons and it is easiest spec to use for beginners because of its high survivability.

Prime Glyphs: Death Strike , Heart Strike , Rune Strike

Major Glyphs: Bone Shield , Death Grip , Rune Tap

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[headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Frost 1 – 85 Leveling Talent Guide[/headline_arial_medium_centered]

Frost spec is offers the highest potential DPS for PVE and leveling. Also great for leveling with On a Pale Horse talent.

Prime Glyphs: Frost Strike , Icy Touch , Howling Blast

Major Glyphs: Death Grip , Hungering Cold , Pillar of Frost

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[headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Unholy 1 – 86 Leveling Talent Guide[/headline_arial_medium_centered]

Unholy spec offers a permament Ghoul pet, and also the most ideal spec for PVP however this build is designed more towards leveling.

Prime Glyphs: Scourge Strike , Raise Dead , Death Coil

Major Glyphs: Death Grip , Pestilence , Chains of Ice

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[headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Level 85 PVE / PVP Talent Guide[/headline_arial_medium_centered]

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