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How to Win Your Gold Speed Run Membership

From Jonathan Kenins

I guess you know by now that I’ve got a new membership site opening up tomorrow. It’s completely focused on the Gold Speed Run method I developed years ago. It’s a powerful gold-making system, and the basis of all that I’ve been teaching over the years since then.

I’m totally pumped about getting some new members in to my “clan” tomorrow! So I’ve decided to run a quick contest to celebrate!

Contest Entry: Win Speed Run Membership

The prize(s)?

Memberships at Gold Speed Run of course 🙂

If you’re even a little bit curious about the Gold Speed Run (training program and live in-game event), you should definitely head over to the site and get an entry in….

With such short notice, there aren’t too many entries yet (you can see them all on the page), so you stand a good chance of winning 🙂

And hey… the prize is definitely worth winning…

a complete 30-day training program teaches you step by step how to make a lot of gold as fast as possible
entry in the live Gold Speed Run event, which begins on Friday this week
plus huge bonuses!

Here’s where you go to get your entry in (it’s super easy to enter… you’ll see!):

Win Your Speed Run Membership


Jonathan Kenins
Secret Warcraft

P.S. – if you haven’t signed up for the preview video series about Gold Speed Run yet, you’ll need to do that to get access to the contest page. Just type in your name and email address, confirm, and you’ll be straight through to the contest (below the “30 Days to Win” video). Good luck!