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  • wow leveling guides warcraft legion warlords of draenor pandaria Level 1 – 60 Classic Leveling Guides
  • wow leveling guides warcraft legion warlords of draenor pandaria Level 1 – 120 BFA Leveling Guides
  • Over 80 Questing Zones
  • Compatible with ANY level character
  • Compatible with ANY Class / Race Combo
  • Compatible with Recruit-a-friend, Dungeons, Heirlooms and PVP leveling.
  • wow leveling guides warlords of draenordungeon finderLevel 1 - 120 BFA Dungeons
  • wow leveling guides cataclysm 22 Extra Questing Zones
  • Easily Navigate Through Dungeons
  • Covers ALL the zone for The Loremaster
  • wow leveling guides warlords of draenor legion World Quests for Broken Isle and Argus
  • wow leveling guides warlords of draenor Daily Quest Guides for Reputation and Gold Farming
  • mist of pandaria daily quest Daily Quest Guides for Reputation and Gold Farming
  • wow leveling guides cataclysm Daily Quest Guides including the complete Molten Front guide
  • wrath of the lich king, wotlk wow leveling guides Daily Quest Guides For Pets, Achievement, Mounts And Argent Tournament
  • wow leveling guides burning crusade Daily Quest Guides For Netherwing / Nether Ray Mounts And Achievements
  • wow leveling guides warlords of draenor legion BFA Profession Leveling 1 - 150
  • Automatic Profession Skill Level Detection
  • Best Gathering Route
  • wow leveling guides warlords of draenorThousands Achievement of Achievements Points
  • Earn Special Character Titles
  • Earn Unique Mounts
  • NPC Journal and Extra Tracking are additional modules designed to work with the original guides. It is only available for purchase inside the members area for owners of Dugi In-Game Guides.

207 responses to “Private: WoW Battle For Azeroth (1 – 120) Automated Leveling Guides BFA”

  1. Hi everyone, our addon is fully updated to work with Shadowlands and includes all new 50-60 leveling guides, any questions don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below.

  2. I cannot seem to find any guide for the childrens week BfA? Can you please advise me where to look or have you not released any guide for BfA yet?

  3. This add-on is a must have! I’ve recently used it to level an allied race alt and the time saved is fantastic! Please keep updating this wonderful application!

  4. The guide works great (of course expect a) BUT, after reaching 120 there should also be a guide to open and explore the remaining areas. Also, sometimes when multiple objectives are required, the guide forces you to follow in the order the guide prefers and if you don’t the objective is not rewarded. Gotta start catching up on the followers guides also. All in all, the $47 a year in-game guide is well worth it.

  5. Shopping for Dugi Guides for $ 6.99, does it come complete? Do I need to pay monthly or is this lifetime value?

      • dude…..you realize you need to make that more apparent on your pricing XD just having a slash on your old price (which i hope was only one time purchases) change the ‘add to cart’ into add subscription…..because your not selling a product at this point, but a subscription

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