Our PPC policy is that affiliates will no longer be allowed to use www.dugiguides.com or dugiguides.com also with the combination of copyright or trademark symbol (®™)  in order to impersonate the official website to draw in traffic.

This applies to all major PPC network which include but not limited to Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL

This have been an on-going problem because a lot of users use search engines to return to our website, due to the first come first serve policy with PPC such as adwords only a select few affiliates are able to advertise with using dugiguides.com as the destination URL.

This is unfair for other affiliates who sent us traffic only for their cookie to be overwritten by affiliates advertising PPC under our search term and using dugiguides.com to pose as an official site.

This is the official notice for these affiliates to stop this activity, and in 48 hours we will blacklist your affiliate id from promoting dugiguides.com if you continue your PPC campaign in this manner

This will apply to all other affiliates who attempts to replace the old one that we remove,  so please do not advertise in PPC posing as an official website by using our domain name as destination url and copyright or trademark symbol as it will no longer work and you will be blacklisted.

Please refer to our screenshot example below