Hi everyone, first of all I would like to apologize for the shaky release of our patch 8.2 update. However good news is that our addon is now stable and you should be able to enjoy the new Nazjatar and Mechagon Island guide.

You can find these new guides in the Dailies > Battle of Azeroth section of the guide or check out the “What’s New” section in the Home tab

We are still working on more guides to cover the latest patch which will cover new Dailies, Achievements, Pets and Mounts stay tuned for that for the next couple of days

    8 replies to "Patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara Update"

    • mystyee

      I keep getting an error telling me I don’t have bfa or mech dallies. Did I miss something? thanks

    • Karen

      DugiGuides seem to have disappeared from computer and install puts me at at trial packae

      • Dugi

        Make sure you are logged in with the installer and make sure the install path is correct in the settings menu of the installer and reinstall

    • mark43

      updated to 8.748 but no updated guide in Dailies>BFA ??

      • mark43

        yes thx dugi now its working

    • Heath

      updated to 8.748 but no updated guide in Dailies>BFA ??

      • Dugi

        It’s likely you haven’t updated properly, check the addon version in the game (dont rely on the installer)

        You will need to fix the install path in the installer, go to Dugi Installer Settings > click on auto detect path

        The install path should look something like [your path]\World of Warcraft\_retail_\

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