Hi everyone, I’m excited to announce our new Navigator Search Feature

In the real world you can type in the address or business name into your GPS navigator and you will be provide with a direction to get there.

Well Dugi Guides have now achieved something similar for World of Warcraft. You can now type in a location name that exist in WoW and Dugi Guides addon will quickly provide you with a search result and a clickable link to generate a waypoint to get to your desired location.

To begin using it simply type in the location name in the search field in the Home tab, in this example below when we type in “Durotar” the search results will provide all available sub zones in Durotar.


We can be a bit more specific by entering the sub zone name eg “Goldshire” and clicking the link will create a waypoint. All waypoints will also use the Taxi system to provide you with a step by step guide to get there.


You can also use it to find the portal entrance of a dungeon or raid eg “Wailing Caverns”


This feature will also work when Dugi addon is in the Silver (Essential) mode. You can use the “Search Locations” in settings category to search.


Finaly we didn’t forget our non-english client users, this feature has been localized to work for all languages in WoW


This feature is also free for all users 🙂

I hope you like it


    16 replies to "New Navigator Search Feature"

    • mgibbons62

      AWESOME!!! Why didn’t WOW come up with this….some of us do not know where some of these places are Thank you for doing this

    • Alkaladar

      It does not seem to search for Stormwind or any of it’s sub zones like Trade District

    • Brian

      Dugi as always your guides just keep getting better keep up the great work

    • echoblue

      Thank you for this feature. This is something that many times I could have used. Good work!

    • Verbius

      Great feature, have gotten a bit angry at times because I couldn’t locate a place. This will keep me smiling.

    • Ray Moake

      This one will be a great add. I am constantly trying to find places now to track elites and for getting to close destinations for treasure hunting and for farming. Thank You!

    • Problocker

      Thank you for this. It is an awesome feature.


    • Mikeart

      Well done what a great new feature, just when you wonder why dugi has been silent for a few weeks, then bam up you come with another amazing improvement well done to all of you.

    • Sandwich

      This is BRILLIANT! So many times I have wished there was something like this. Can’t wait to try it 😀

    • Crazydoc

      Great idea! You are THE GUY.

    • Christine burns

      Thank you Dugi for another great add on, I couldn’t play without you, Happy New Year to you and your staff,

    • Peter

      This is an awesome new feature, thank you very much! 😀

    • Jay

      Yet another addition to this already excellent product, all I can say is Dugi you and your team rock.
      This feature will save me and you other subscribers so much time you have out done yourselves this time I can’t wait to see how your going to top this.

      Thanks for all the hard work


    • Eric Laughton

      OUTSTANDING! I am looking forward to using this feature, especially saving me the numerous hours spent googling locations!

    • Annie

      Dugi !! What would we do without you and your brilliant staff? Can’t wait to try this new feature!!!
      Thank you for all you do for us!!

    • Samya

      Thank you, Dugi! This sounds great!

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