Hi again everyone, it’s Dugi here and I’m sorry we have been quiet for sometime but I can assure you the wait has been worth it 🙂

This new feature took up much of our time and money the last few months and it is almost ready for release.

When the new Gear Finder feature is released you will be able to find the green upgrade arrow button it in your character frame tab which will enable the gear finder frame and begin searching gear upgrades for your character.


You may have seen a similar feature from one of our competitor but we added 4 major improvements over their version.

1) We have improved the UI to be a lot more user friendly displaying the item icons and source of upgrades.

2) Dugi Gear Finder will also search gear upgrades from quest rewards in reqular leveling zones (competitor version only search from dungeon npc drops). This is massive improvement since this have added several thousands more items into the database to search as the best upgrades are not always from dungeons.


3) Often the first choice may not be suitable for you for whatever reason eg, you have already done that dungeon or you just don’t want go to that zone. Which is why we have added a “Load more suggestions” button, which will show you 5 more sources of upgrades for the slot providing more options to find alternative upgrades.

4) If an item is not found for your current level then it will search for possible upgrades for your future levels. You can see in the screenshot below there are some items labeled in red @ Level xx.  This will allow you to plan ahead and so you know that “yes I will get a new item upgrade from that zone at xx level”


Also a disclaimer: The gear finder is a large feature and it requires an intense amount of calculation due to the large number of items that we must have in the database. A lot effort have gone into improving its performance and it will be something that we always keep an eye on.

It will use a lot of memory during the game and with the combinations of all other addons you might use, players with old computers might notice a performance drop with their game. However if you don’t like this feature and you can simply turn it off in the settings menu and it won’t take up any additional resource.

ok that is it for now, I will notify you again as soon as the feature is release.


PS. If you have any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to add it in comment section below

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    • Henry Martinez


      I have nothing but level 100’s and when I use the gear guide it is giving me recommendations for gear that is in Lower ***** Rock spire for example saying that the gear is level 600?? I’m assuming it means to do these dungeons in Mythic mode?

      • Dugi

        I need more info on your situation, what level is your character? have you tried reinstalling?

    • Des French

      Would it be possible to name the Boss that drops the item?

      • Dugi

        hover over the Load Guide button and the Boss name should be displayed in the tooltip

    • salubrious


      This is a very cool feature, but to make it even better, would be once you have selected your piece of gear to upgrade (from a quest reward) – The addon then points directly to the quest line required to get that piece of gear.

      At the moment (for me at least) it is pointing towards the zone as a whole making me pick up all quests rather than the one/s specific to the piece of gear I have selected.

      • Dugi

        normally that is what you will have to do anyway as you will need to complete the pre-quests

    • arcticprince

      Is this not working yet? I can’t seem to figure out how to even make the character frame tab load up so I can select the green upgrade arrow.

      • chadsmith64

        the default button to load your character frame is C

        • arcticprince

          Not sure I understand how this works. By the character frame are you referring to the window that shows all your gear and stats? If so, I do not have a “green” upgrade arrow on that page. even though when I right click the Dugi guide in my minimap it shows Gear Finder as installed, but it does have an exclamation character behind the Gear Finder.

          • Customprofile

            When you log into the game, at character select make sure that the Dugi add-ons are selected in the add-on section, De-select any others incase of a conflict, only have the Dugi add-ons selected. Once in game hit the letter C, this will bring up the character sheet(stats, armor, gear, etc. this shows all info about your character) as shown above. If you do not see the green arrow, try typing this into the chat window(without “”), it will reset and fix the guide: ” /dugi fix ” this will reset the Dugi addon/s to their default value. If you still do not see the green upgrade arrow, log out of the game. Close the WOW/Battle.net launcher completely(right click the launcher by your clock, click EXIT). Then run the Dugi add-on launcher/installer, once open click on “SETTINGS”, click on “REPAIR” towards the bottom, this will re-install the add-ons and to their default values and settings. Log into the game. Then let us know. Thank you.

    • Customprofile

      Since you placed a link for the installer, is it a new version or keep the installer we already have? Ver: 1.2.4

      • Dugi

        installer is the same, the installer should update itself if it does have an update

        • Customrpofile

          Thank You!

    • Marcus

      Will Dugi leveling guides be updated in time for Legion or will it be released after the Legion release?

    • Greg

      My suggestions point to Blackrock Spire, but it is called Blackrock Spire (55-59 Upper). I also notice this is in your announcement photos for the Hand suggestion. I assume this should be for Blackrock Spire Upper Level 100+. Is that correct?

    • Denzildk

      Since the feature is live and i can’t find the post for it going live i’ll leave some feedback here.
      i’ve got almost full mythic HFC gear so i expected no gear or very little to be found by the gear finder, what i diddent expect was for the system to replace my Spur of the Great Devourer (mythic warforged with enchant) to be lower in value than Finkle’s Flenser (tooltip ilvl 630) from the Blackrock Spire (55-59) guide and Plainshunter Dowsing Rod (tooltip ilvl 587) from the Nagrand 98-100 guide. i have skinning if that values the flenser higher.

      • Dugi

        The gear finder only compares by slot, so it wont be comparing your 2 hand slot vs 1 hand + off-hand (like the gear advisor would)

        its looking for upgrades for the one hand and off hand that is in your bag slot or equiped

        • wantoplay

          whats the gear advisor?

    • Arya

      Hi Dugi and staff !! The gear finder sounds awesome you are the best <3

    • Granpagrumps

      Your “Gear Finder” Sounds great. As an older and long time pleyer I often find that seaching for gear that will help me complete tha quests is often time consuming and to a degree boring so this new finder could be just the yhing to brighten my day.

    • Jane

      AWESOME! Dugi, you ROCK! Can’t wait for this to be released…kind of wish you hadn’t told us about it…LOL

    • Mellyn

      Wow, I am so excited about this feature! I hope I will be able to run it on my computer. This will be such a great help. I love your guides and all of the features included. You guys really rock!

    • karlr1

      Outstanding Dugi as always mate a huge thank you for the time and effort thats gone into this, it is why I keep coming back to WOW.

    • killeralpha

      well this will be a big help

      as if i understand this correctly

      can i find upgrades from quests easier by running

      the find new feature

    • Dave


      Awesome new update. Keep up the good work. This is why people will keep coming back. It is also why they will keep calling you the best game modifier ever.


    • Vince

      Awesome! This will be a great assist in gaming. Also – as your English grammar skills are just fine, we have no problems understanding you sir.

    • Tamora

      This comment is only meant to be constructive. You need an editor. Your english grammar is incorrect in many places. T.

      • Vill

        There is always one

    • Tobius Holmes

      This looks super, will there be a extra charge for this? Or will it just be added to what we have?

      • Dugi

        it will be a free update

    • Elsie

      Thank you, thank you, thank you Dugi! This will be so helpful; I can’t wait to try it out!

    • Dan

      Hey Dugi,
      Will this be something that we can run while sitting at Stormwind and then turn it off and collect the gear with the occasional refresh as we level or acquire new gear or does it need to be constantly running?

      • Joel Suplido

        It works best in Orgrimmar. 🙂 Seriously, that’s how I intend to use this Gear Finder too. It should work.

      • Dugi

        you can turn it off and on, it won’t be constantly running. A new search will normally begin when you open the gear finder frame once the search is complete it doesn’t use any extra cpu resource but addon memory is higher than normal increase due to the item database cache.

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