Hi again everyone, it’s Dugi here and I’m sorry we have been quiet for sometime but I can assure you the wait has been worth it 🙂

This new feature took up much of our time and money the last few months and it is almost ready for release.

When the new Gear Finder feature is released you will be able to find the green upgrade arrow button it in your character frame tab which will enable the gear finder frame and begin searching gear upgrades for your character.


You may have seen a similar feature from one of our competitor but we added 4 major improvements over their version.

1) We have improved the UI to be a lot more user friendly displaying the item icons and source of upgrades.

2) Dugi Gear Finder will also search gear upgrades from quest rewards in reqular leveling zones (competitor version only search from dungeon npc drops). This is massive improvement since this have added several thousands more items into the database to search as the best upgrades are not always from dungeons.


3) Often the first choice may not be suitable for you for whatever reason eg, you have already done that dungeon or you just don’t want go to that zone. Which is why we have added a “Load more suggestions” button, which will show you 5 more sources of upgrades for the slot providing more options to find alternative upgrades.

4) If an item is not found for your current level then it will search for possible upgrades for your future levels. You can see in the screenshot below there are some items labeled in red @ Level xx.  This will allow you to plan ahead and so you know that “yes I will get a new item upgrade from that zone at xx level”


Also a disclaimer: The gear finder is a large feature and it requires an intense amount of calculation due to the large number of items that we must have in the database. A lot effort have gone into improving its performance and it will be something that we always keep an eye on.

It will use a lot of memory during the game and with the combinations of all other addons you might use, players with old computers might notice a performance drop with their game. However if you don’t like this feature and you can simply turn it off in the settings menu and it won’t take up any additional resource.

ok that is it for now, I will notify you again as soon as the feature is release.


PS. If you have any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to add it in comment section below

    43 replies to "New Gear Finder Feature Preview"


      Please bring this back for our alts in the lower levels

    • Riley Wheeler

      is the gear guide no longer in use?

    • Greg Buzarde

      Guide for gear while leveling only. Would be cooler if it would help beyond that say which raid bosses had upgrades using weighed stats. Maybe that is in the works? All my toons have iLevels over 695 so no help.
      Unrelated question: Should we update dugi from Curse?

      • Dugi

        there are options to search gears from raid dungeons, give it a go. Don’t update from curse if you’re using our guides as the curse version will remove all your guides.

        • Greg Buzarde

          Ok thanks for the info. Will try options. Thought updating from curse would be bad. Love your guide. Been using it from 2 or 3 expacs. 🙂

    • Ray Moake

      I checked my Frost DK which I still have lower gear on level 100. I can understand the 630 1handed sword ( my 2H axe is only 615) but the off handed 587 intellect rod I do not understand. Seems it should be looking at traits for a DK which intellect is not. Seems like most are in Blackrock Spire Upper 55 to 59? Just an observation. I enjoy your guides and use them all the time. I run 3 guides all the time Dugi, Zygor and Dynasty so I pretty well keep up with who has best and doesn’t leave me hanging. Your guide helps us develop as players to get to the top layer of gear. Zygor says here is best see if you can get past silver proving grounds and get to heroic dgs or get in raids and hope. Dynasty is terrible as a guide but I like the rotation help with spellflash for us old timers this helps me in combat. I have to stay out of PVP they pick on us old guys badly. Plus I should never have use the name rayrambo LOL BIG MISTAKE!

      • Dugi

        thank you for the feedback we’ll look into fixing it, if you can link a screenshot that would be a great help.

    • nellie

      the new guide is great. Is there a way to get an item w/o having to go through the entire zone? Maybe a web site that has all the series. I mainly just quest and would like to get the highest or 2nd highest item I found by doing the gear search.

      • Dugi

        You will need to the pre-quest for most of the guides, normally the good great (rare upgrades) will require you to complete a long quest line.

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