Here is another new feature for Dugi Addon that I also think way overdue… which is a new way to display the tooltip for each step permanently in a neat way.

If you don’t like it you can disable this feature off by going to the Dugi Addon > Settings > Tooltip and untick ‘Embeded in Small Frame’.

Build 6.220 – Nov 13th 2012
Dugi Addon

  • New Embeded Tooltip feature – This will emded the tooltip to show permanently inside the border and underneath the current step. Option is available in Dugi Settings > Tooltip (default on)


Floating Small Frame
Floating Small Frame with Embeded Tooltip


Anchored Small Frame
Anchored Small Frame with Embeded Tooltip


I hope you like it!


    10 replies to "New Embed Tooltip Feature"

    • Herman

      Its brilliant! Thanks for taking serious all the requests people make and even make it better than what they ask for, lol.

    • Joe

      Another amazing feature that will keep me using Dugi Guides to enhance my WoW experience! Thanks again Dugi!

    • Roo

      Good work again ty

    • j800r

      I honestly prefer the tooltip, but it’s nice to have the choice there.

    • mikeart

      Yet another great inovation, well done Dugi and team, you guys just go on proving yours are the best guides out there.

    • Tom Ridsdale

      AWESOME again guys….I can honestly say yours is the best game guide I have ever paid for…I’m trying to convince all my friends and guild mates to at least try your products

    • lilocowboy

      I like it. Now all you have to do is make the small frame the same size as the quest tracker. 8) Keep up the great work.

      • Dugi

        @lilocowboy, thank you for reminding me, that option is now available with 6.221

        • lilocowboy

          @Dugi, SWEET. It is an honor having a suggestion I made be implemented into your Addon. It looks great. I love it! Keep up the great work.

    • Jason


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