This is just quick annoucement to notify you that due to popular demand we recently added a new setting with the latest update to allow customization of the gear advisor weight values.

You can find this new option in the Settings > Gear Scoring section and you can adjust the value as you see fit and click the Apply button for it to take effect.

The default settings is already optimized for best result so most players wouldn’t need to change anything. But the option is now there if you need it.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to post them in the comment section below.

    18 replies to "New Custom Setting for Gear Advisor"

    • Alan

      It seems like the gearing advisor keeps prioritizing Intellect instead of spell damage, etc for my frost mage.

      Very briefly I saw a nice buff in my damage as I had obvious quest item upgrades and my frost bolt damage went from 600ish to 900ish

      Then it started taking away items with spell damage and replacing them with higher iLvl pieces that only had intellect. My average damage now (considering I’m now 3-4 lvls higher than when using my previous example) between 700-800.

      I’m not great with the game nor am I able to strictly identify an item that is better than the other when it comes to different stats.

      All other guides I’m seeing say I should never prioritize Intellect unless there’s nothing else in that slot.

    • thenoid

      It would be nice if the tooltip included the calculated score. So when comparing two pieces of armor and adjusting things, i didn’t have to do the math.

    • Andrew Schultz

      When I change the specialization in the Gear Scoring window and hit apply it does a UI reload and resets the specialization back to the default…how can I make it accept the specialization I want to use?

    • David Smith

      One thing I am confused about is when you input custom values. Should you normalize the values to a value of 1 or some other number. I ask this because of the screen shot shown above. Any help on this matter would be appreciated.

      • Dugi

        The value is used to score each stats.

        eg using the value above we have 2 items to choose

        Belt1 with 10 Haste Rating vs Belt2 with 10 Crit Rating

        Belt1 score is 2.1 x 10 = 21
        Belt2 score is 2.5 x 10 = 25

        Belt2 wins and gear advisor will suggest Belt2 as item to equip.

        Custom setting can be used to change this eg if you don’t believe that Crit > Haste

        • David Smith

          I understand now, thank you very much for the reply and explanation.

    • Song

      I suggest that you be able to have different “outfits”, such as for jousting, fishing, cooking, PVE, and PVP, so that the gear guide doesn’t bug you about your equipment.

      • Dugi

        I would recommend to just turn off the auto equip option

    • Jo Ann K Robinson

      I suggest that once you make a decision about what outpost you are chosing for each zone that the guide mark all of the quest lines that are not available because of that choice and adjust the percent of that zone’s guide done accordingly. I keep wanting to finish all of the quests in a zone and have to mark the “optional” ones by hand. This is frustrating when I reset the guide.

      • Dugi

        it should do that already. We made this update a while back, make sure you update your guides.

        • Jo Ann K Robinson

          LOL … Dugi I check for updates every morning when I turn on the PC. I use the manual method for updating by removing the entire Dugi folder from the addons section and unzipping the new update into the addons file. I find it a good habit to get into.

    • Jo Ann K Robinson

      If I understood what the settings meant I might could figure out how to reset them if I needed to. Do you have a gear scoring for dummies FAQ . BTW I primarily run a Survival/Beastmaster Hunter with an Arcane/Frost Mage as backup.
      – J

    • Tom Bringenberg

      sorry this is about a code 132 in wow but I cant get an answer and it keeps crashing any suggestions would be helpful your guides are the memory I have seemed to have lost cause I’m old your guides are great

    • Bloodycub

      Finaly…. I was just complaning about old gearing system. Well Dugi god heard my voice and made PERFECT addon for gearing Thanks!

    • fdgigy

      Excellent addition and will be another great helper. This is the reason i’ve been using Dugi Guides for years on both my Mac and PC.
      PC version is slightly superior btw.
      Thanks for staying so on top of things.

      Have found some Garrison guides online but you might give serious consideration to adding a separate Garrison Guide. I find them very confusing (i’m old and not very bright) and would be willing to pay extra for a decent Garrison Guide or addon – though the current addons aren’t very good IMO. I would prefer you add a Garrison choice to the Home page.

    • Wyvern62

      Another winner from Dugi and Company!!
      Thank you for all you do for your loyal fan club!!

    • Arya

      I’m so happy for all of your Products. And for all your care about your members !!

      Love you Dugi and staff !!! Greate jobb !!

    • Majik

      This is such a great addition to an already wonderful product. Good job on doing what your customers need. This will be really useful.

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