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NPC Journal and Extra Tracking Modules

  • NPC Journal and Extra Tracking are additional modules designed to work with the original guides. It is only available for purchase inside the members area for owners of Dugi In-Game Guides.

NPC Journal Module

Add hundreds of guides covering specific NPCs

extra_trackingThe NPC Journal Module provides the NPC Detector button that will allow you to instant load a guide in a journal format that covers...

421 Mounts

624 Pets

171 Elites

59 Brawler’s Guild Bosses

483 Dungeon and Raid Bosses


Extra Tracking Module

Achievement, Rare and Pets Tracking

extra_trackingThe extra tracking feature will provide additional World Map tracking for Achievements, Rare Creatures and Battle Pets. Now you can complete your achievements as you quest and hunt for those rare creatures for extra experience and loot. The Battle Pet tracking will make leveling your pets and hunting easier than ever before.

Updated for wow leveling guides legion

Complete Achievements as you quest or travel.

Hunt Rare NPCs for bonus XP and loot.

Find pet spawn location for each zone.

39 responses to “Modules”

  1. I wish the Taxi feature was made into a separate addon to buy.
    Its the only future I desire myself without everything else.

  2. Just wanted to say been using Dugi guides for years now! still amazing and always love the content and updates you guys bring out. Keep it up!

  3. Salut
    comment je dois faire pour avoir les régions pour classic et monter mes joueurs, je croyais que le guide était a vie quand on l’avait acheté. Maintenant, ne trouve même plus sombrivage pour monter mon chasseur. Comment je dois faire

  4. Hi Dugi,
    I purchased “Shadowlands Achievements and Professions”, when I start the DugiGuides launcher it shows them as purchased but when I start WoW and then access Dugi Guides I can’t see any “Shadowlands Achievements and Professions” guide only BFA Professions etc.

  5. Will these be updated to shadowlands in the near future? I am interested in buying them, but just wanted to make sure first.

  6. I bought dugi: wow retail guides but I don’t understand why the geart finder is on version 8.1 while the game is on version 8.3, can you explain to me please? Or do I have to buy another guide that I don’t have?

  7. Hi Dugi,
    Are you going to add a new module for Shadowlands?
    Curious how the character level squish is going to work with the older modules.

  8. Hi,
    I believe the guide is good, but the product options and costs are the most confusing ever. Have paid a monthly subscriptions for something and not go what I was expecting.. Very disappointed

  9. Hi there, what does the 483 dungeon portion of the npc journal cover that my yearly membership does not. I’m interested in this, but would like to get a better understanding of what is different. Thank you!

  10. So I need to pay for these two guides extra is I already pay the yearly fee of $47.00, NPC Journal Module and Extra Tracking Module? If so how do I purchase them and how much are they?

  11. I downloaded the patch for 8.2 and I have no guides except these 2. Mydailies are just vendor run. When I subscribed I was under the impression that I would receive future updates. thanks

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