Another courtesy notification to tell you that we have just updated the DugisGuideViewerZ addon to v4.070

New Features:
* Chain Quest Linking – Automatically skip all follow up chain (if exist) if you decide to skip quests.  This will make skipping quest much easier and reliable to make the guide more RAF and Heirloom friendly.

However this is just a partial solution we have more features coming to make leveling with RAF and Heirlooms easier. This was pretty big update which took us some time, and I’m sure you will enjoy it.

* Optional quest are now clearly marked.
* Notlisted feature, if the quest is not listed in our current guide, it will show a notification
* Daily Quests guide can be reseted properly now.
* Large Frame Guide will always center to the current step when opened.
* Reset button will untick all yellow ticks and red crosses.
* Reload button will recover all yellow ticks.

Bug Fix
* Fixed conflict with QuestGuru, this is more QuestGuru fault then ours but we have fixed this on our side 🙂
* Tons of guide fixes. Special thanks to the dedicated people reporting the errors,  in the bug forum.

We highly recommend you update to the latest version.

PS. Our secret project is getting close to completion, which will be revolutionary and set a new standard for all guides we will be able to announce this new guide and show it to you hopefully in a week time, stay tune to our newsletters.

    3 replies to "Major Update Dugi’s Guide v4.070"

    • Cardiel

      I have not yet gotten your guide, but I am very interested. One question I have is if I get your complete package, will that include the update for Cataclysm when it comes out?


    • Dalroon


      I have recently been using your guide v4.065 and suggest that the old feature of right clicking on a quest in the quest list bring up the quest box be added to the current version.

      Other than that everything seems to be working well, Thanks.


      • DugisGuide

        Thank you for the suggestion, we will look into it.

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