Recently we updated the installer for Windows PC to 1.2.8 to improve the connection and security. Unfortunately, this resulted with the old 1.2.5 installer not loading and updating automatically.

To resolve this issue please download the latest 1.2.8 installer available from the download link below

Also, I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for supporting us and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We will still continue to provide support throughout the holidays but please allow a little bit of extra time for us to respond.


    14 replies to "Important! Dugi Installer Update for PC Users"

    • petekap62

      Once again I updated the guide and it kicked me back to the minimal area’s, I reinstalled it more than once. It says I have the most up to date version and I don’t have legions. second time this happened, what is going on and how do I fix it.

    • Denzildk

      after installing this, and updating the addon, i’ve had crazy fps loss whenever i use the guides ingame, removed only by clicking twice on the ingame icon (so it goes bronze) or opening my map (wut?!?). have tried to reinstall it but i’m still having problems.

      • Dugi

        it might be a conflict with another addon, try disabling all your addon except dugi and try again

    • Dragon

      So I’m a bit behind because I just barely came up for air after a over a month of some horrendous work hours. Holiday season for most, my season of only having time for work and sleep, lol. Anyway I’m trying to decide if your off on your version numbers or if there is something seriously wrong with the installer I’m using. Not that it doesn’t work just fine and all. But hey I figured I better make sure it’s not from a hijacked site or something :p Your saying here you Updated the Windows version to 1.2.6 but the one I’m currently using says it is 1.2.8

      • Dugi

        we made further changes to it and 1.2.8 is the correct version now

    • Demimage

      Every time i try to update guides it just deletes the guide from my computer and installer says ‘Current guides – None’- ‘Newest – 8.205’ even if i click reinstall. I’ve tried Reinstalling with Curse but when i try to update to latest version it just deletes it from the addon folder again. I’ve even manually installed it and gone into wow to check but there is only a minimal guide there and again when i try to update… it just deletes the install.. What can i do?

      • chuckgi

        Same problem. It started yesterday. It needs to be resolved and fast.

      • chuckgi

        Do yourself a favor and check to see if your subscription expired. I had the same problem and even went as far as to post a ticket. Come to find out my subscription lapsed. Boy, am I embarrassed 🙂

        • james wason


          What are you talking about.. I’ve purchased everything.. you only pay extra for new expansions???

    • Mikeart

      The very best wishes to you and your team Dugi for the new year.

    • Dray Prescot

      Been having a FUN time with your guides. I want to wish you and your team a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
      God Bless,
      Tim. =_)

    • lisaintx

      Best wishes and have a wonderful Christmas! A blessed New Year for you and your family, as well as to all with your wonderful team.
      Was a wonderful day when I found you and followed your path through WoW over these many years. Thank you all so much for your guidance and support. It has meant so much, to so many people.


    • Sally C Austin

      Hey Dugi & all the team at Ultimate WoW Guide!

      Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017! Thanks for continuing to provide the best WoW guide and support. My life was changed by WoW nearly eight years ago and you’re part of that journey – so, thanks again!


    • GB808

      Aloha and thanks for all the hard work. I just wanted to take a second to let you and everyone else know that Norton is blocking the exe file and actually deleting it. It says that file WS.Reputation.1 is the reason. Whatever. Once I get back home later, I will fiddle around and see how to circumvent Norton from deleting the file.
      Anyhow, to the Dugi team and all the rest of you Mele Kalikimaka!

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