The Harvest Festival is a small celebration to honor the fallen heroes of the Horde and Alliance. This year it runs from September 9th to October 6th, transforming the outside of Orgrimmar and Ironforge into feasts. While overall the holiday has few rewards and is an extremely minor world event, any change of scenery is a good thing–especially one that leads right up to Brewfest!

Festival Foods

Festive tables full with food can be found outside of Orgrimmar and Ironforge, from which players can have their fill of food and drink as they celebrate the memory of their faction’s fallen champions. You can hold up to 20 of each of these foods, and they do not expire, so they make great meals for alts!

Honoring a Hero

There is only one short quest chain available during the Harvest Festival, with both Horde and Alliance versions, and you pick it right up where the festival is taking place. For this quest, you are sent to show respect to one of your faction’s most honored heroes–Grom Hellscream for members of the Horde and Uther Lightbringer for members of the Alliance. Miyari took the time to write up a brief quest guide for us.

In addition to the stated rewards, you will receive a Bounty of the Harvestby in-game mail a few days after completing this quest.

Festival Fireworks


In addition to offering the only quest, Javnir Nashak and Wagner Hammerstrikealso sell a small selection of fireworks:

These fireworks do not have any duration, so you can stock up and bring festivity wherever you go. They are also unique graphics, so they’re great for kill shots when you down your favorite bosses.

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