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This is Daknit. I wanted to blog this up for those that might have missed this on the fourms. I’ve added a few things (nothing too noticeable). I’m working on finalizing a couple projects to help with your farming experiences. I hope this helps as well.

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The Mule Class Guide

You may not know it, but you need one. You might already have one. If you are reading this on a site under the lure of fast leveling up, then you definitely need one.

A Mule is an Alt that sits by the bank/mailbox and receives packages from your Main to store and/or sell. He is the most under-appreciated and overworked of all your alts. He saves your playing time of the main character by doing the things you would normally do with your Main, like bartering on the AH. He is your inside man in town.

First. Choose a race and character that you will like to play much, much later on. Level him up to at least 10 (optional)*. Set him up in some city where the AH and the Bank are close (Ironforge comes to mind).

You are going to need 6 bags. The cheapest sell for 4.75 SP each. Four bags go on the Mule. Two bags go in the bank. Now you got room to start.

[Note: Don’t have the capital to buy the bags or the bank tabs? That’s fine. Sit and wait for your Main to supply you. The two characters must work together now.]

Any addons that help with Mail, tracking recipe lists, and working with the AH is going to help alot. Be sure to have those installed and familiarize yourself with them before you start accepting packages from your Main.

What to mail to the Mule

–Don’t mail gray items. Those your Main can sell for himself.
–White items that your Main can’t use.
–Trade goods that you will need later on.

The Main must make a drop every time he goes to town. The more room you clear the more stuff you can bring back from the fields; the more money you make.

The Mule has to set up shop according to your Main. As your Main levels up, his bags get bigger and the skills he needs to learn get more expensive. The Mule has to be prepared for the Main for each section of levels the Main advances.

Apprentice Mule

Much of the low white items may not sell well in price in the AH, but it will quickly add up. The first goal of the Main is to get to level 20 and get a mount. The Mounts will cost 4 GP for training and 1GP for the mount itself. That’s 5 gold you’ll need before the Main hit level 20. (If you are a warlock, pally, or druid, then you won’t have to worry about this as much. You’ll have/be your own class mount) Try to save 5GP on the side, but the rest of the money goes back to the Main.

At level 40, you Main will be able to upgrade his mount. It will cost 40GP to train and 10GP for the mount. At level 60, it will cost 250 GP (or less) to train for a flying mount and 50 GP. These are the numbers that you need to save for. As soon as you are ready for Northrend, you’ll need the near 5,000 GP to train to artisan flying, much less the 1,000 for Cold Weather flying training. Be sure to have mastered the AH to save up for this.

Journeyman Mule

Firstly, the more time you spend away from the Mule, the bigger his bags will need to be. Some items might need to be saved to be sold later or used by your Main at a different time. This may call for more bank space. Buy tabs as you need them. If your Main is a tailor, have him make bags for the Mule. If not, it will be the mission of the Mule to supply bags for both Main and himself.

The Mule is the town runner that collects supplies for your Main’s professions (thread, flux, what have you). This way, the Main will not have to come back to the city to make those on the spot items. Remember, the point of the mule is to save play time for your Main.

As a bonus, your Mule will need to know your profession path and set aside money to buy items that will be needed later on. (For example, Medium leather will be needed by the Engineer to make Bronze Frames)

Expert Mule

The expert Mule is one that acts as a hub for more than 1 character. You can bribe a few people to create a guild for a few gold. Once you have ten signatures, you’ll have guild. Kick these people out once it is set up. This may seem dastardly, but don’t worry; many people already understand their role in your guild. Just think of it as a quest. Your Mule should never be part of a main guild. We start a guild only to get the guild bank and it’s tabs.

With multi Toons to worry about, you’ll need the space to organize trade needs, stock pile in mass highly profitable items, and form an armory. The armory will be used to twink up lower level Toons. Enchanters will also use this armory to create a stock pile of dust, gems, shards, and essences.


At any time, you may not want this Toon to be your Mule. You can setup another mule and transfer funds and items over.

This is an excellent idea for maxed out toons who’s soul purpose is to craft goods for the AH for profit. Usually, Mules are low level because high levels are not really needed to run the AH and make a profit. Having a crafter in town as a Mule opens up new avenues to make money. If you are going to do this, then be sure the toon is maxed out in skills so there is no limitations to what you can do with your profession. (If you need to know how to do this, read the Professions link in the Members Area.)

Remember, the Mule has been sitting in a city for quite some time. That double Exp might just last you a very long time.**


*And yes, level 10 is optional. It is a good goal if you are first setting up camp on a server and you have no other toons yet. Level 10 takes less than an hour to reach, and by the time you reach that level, you have a enough money and supplies to get bags for your Main and start a small resale business going while your Main is in the field gathering items to sell. While it is not necessary, especially if you have more than one toon already, it is a great start up for beginners.

**Level 80? Results will vary.