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      Hi all. Lots of interesting comments about this guide. I wanted to add my 2c worth.
      For those looking for a “should I buy” while thumbing through these forums, I know I was years ago, but really didn’t see much other than this and that needs tweaked etc.. However, nothing really pertaining to first hand experiences to say why  this guide works much better.
      Been playing wow since 2004 (missed alpha) after my son insisted I play, so much he actually BOUGHT me the dam game hahaha, and I said: “…ooh , alright” and still at it. But more like a hobby and not an obsession.
      I been tinkering with guides since 2006? I think that was when I bought (the now legendary) Joana Horde guide on eBay (not available anywhere, not even archives has it) which included a bound paper book guide, and 4 DVD’s showing is actual run. I think I still have those.  All this of course after many months of trying to use BRADYGAMES WoW Strat Guide to “mathematically” find the best quests and routes, not necessarily the FASTEST.
      Later, was Kopps. Super fast, however, like Joana, was not an in-game guide. but worked. At this time of gaming, these were pretty much the only two guides out there.
      Came to the conclusion: Making guides are NOT easy. So I envy those that can actually make one in its entirety.
      Later on when TBC came out, I stumbled upon zygor. Even in its infancy, it was an amazing breakthrough in online guides! Almost everything was automatic, with GPS. Now this was cool. Using this, blew past all my kids and shot to the top in their guild at a very accelerated pace. To this day, I still like the old Zygor graphics as opposed to this new “steam” look that many guides (even **cough**dugi**cough**) are designing to look like today.
      Wish-list: Make Dugi use frames that match the game or the option to use it.

      So for many years, It was Zygor. I did see Dugi pop into the picture a few times, and I liked the way it looked, however, at the time I was just being stubborn, and was so used to using Zygor, I did not want to learn another guide.

      Couple years ago (2017ish)I took a break from wow. Just boredom. However when I came back, I decided to switch to Dugi. Zygor had lost its novelty. I did try it for a few minuets, and realized vs Dugi that the routes were completely different. After playing for so many years, I know many of the routes in classic, that I had already found the fasted route to level 12 that worked really well, and surprisingly Dugi’s routes were almost the same as mine. But Zygor had, over the years, turned into a quest collecting guide and not a strategy guide. Since I missed classic(vanilla) so much, I decided to test Dugi with the classic. While Dugi did have a couple nice twists, for the most part, the routes are VERY precises and logical.

      Example: Undead starting: Zygor takes you out of the starting area, and head straight to the pumpkin farm. I always thought that was a waste of time. I preferred a big loop back after grinding to brill. Dugi, on the other hand, had a similar route as mine, but had a few other tweaks I missed, but it was the same. Head to Brill and then do all the quest working your way to the farm and back. Loved it.

      As far as the layout of the guide, Zygor is a teensy bit better. It was tricky for me to figure out how to get to the settings menu from the guide. Zygor has a gear on the guide, Dugi, you will need to RIGHT click a quest to pop up the menu (I might have missed something but that’s how I was able to do it). I like Dugi’s “flash” when something is accomplished, even if it is not on the current list.

      I much preferred the GPS method of Dugi than the basic (TomTom)GPS arrow that Zygor and other guides implement. I mean it works. It was more directional friendly. Or maybe it just seemed more modern and 3D. Not sure the term is correct, but I call it an orbital GPS, it surrounds your toon, so if you need to go west, the whole GPS is to the west, and when on track, it is right in front of you. Adding the distance to it, made it even more precise. Takes a bit to get used to it, but I works really well.

      The recommendation popups were really nice addition to Dugi. It REALLY saved me a lot of wasted time back for skills that I really dont need or want at that time because Dugi will tell you what is coming up. That was a very nice tough.

      While Zygor may have added similar features over the last couple years, I feel that zygor has become more of a “competitionist” guide vs a “strategy” guide. My experience with Dugi is that it is literally a guide laid out with strategy and optimization in mind. Its compact, non-intrusive. I only play classic these days (stopped at a Level 120 P-Monk), and was hoping that there was a gear guide, but did not see it. However, that is not deal breaker by any means, it does a fabulous job of watching what you loot, then making a recommendation it gear up with it or not.

      One final note I would LOVE to see, is for Dugi to add some type of loot filter to prevent greys from being picked up, or just destroyed after it hits your bag.

      How about the free guides? I havent found one that really works. Questie is interesting but really no clear cut order to do them in, GuideLime is basically an engine, where people turn in their leveling guides, And some area REALLY REALLY good!. But if you want a “Traveling Guide” to guide you through the game on all facets, this is where the AAA Guides come in. And it really boils down to two main ones.

      My personal experience is that Dugi just works smoother and cleaner. So if you are here just to find out some info whether you should invest a few pennies or skip, I would say yes. Start with this one. I know you will be impressed and level smoothly. I think now they have a demo one out up to level 20? Not sure if that applies to classic.

      Hope this sheds some light to someone looking.

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