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    I use to be able to lock the zone map.  Now it does it’s own thing.  ends up all over my Screen I always end up moving it back. 


      The new style arrow does that, the zone map will end up where ever the arrow was last. Perhaps Dugi can look in to this a bit more, but I really doubt this can be fixed, but I can be wrong.
      You can use the old style arrow where they will be at a static location to where you lock them.

      Head to the settings Dugi Arrow > Uncheck Icon Arrow.
      I hope this helps.



        I’m testing this and it seems to work fine, the zone map remembers the placed position


          @Dugi is that the new arrow or the old?

          I can confirm the new arrow style the zone map does show where the arrow was last despite it locked in the position you placed it.
          Once I get more time I shall whip up a video of it and perhaps review settings etc to investigate this.

            Looks like it’s fixed in this new update.


              Nope, after 1 hr of game play following any guide with new style way point enabled, the zone map does randomly stay in the last location where arrow was, no idea how this is caused.

            Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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