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      Hi guys, I would like to let you guys know that Blizzard has introduced a 9.2 skip for alt’s, however, it comes a cost. The alt will still need to pick up the first quest Call of the Primus, and then talk to Tal’Inara and select the option “I have been to Zereth Mortis before and met pocopoc. <Skip ahead to Zereth Mortis and have Pocopoc unlocked.> This will skip the first 3 chapters thus allowing you to continue to Chapter 4.
      What comes at a cost? If you proceed with the skip, you will lose approx 2,000 reputation and missed out on great rewards such as 233 IL Cyphers of the First Ones gear.
      IMHO my mind is blown as to why this is an option, considering that all alt’s always redoing quests, rep grinds etc. but everyone has a different point of view.
      Anyway, I thought I’d let everyone know of this skip and how much of an important decision it is to make, and what are the consequences.

      I hope you all are enjoying the story lines so far in Zereth Mortis.

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