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      guide says accept quest from Yazma and Zolani in Dazalor but neither of them have a quest available. Skip them ?


        There’s not much info here for me to try to help you.

        1. What is the Guide you are using?
          War Campaign? Zunladar?
        2. What’s the quest name?

        Have you tried to search the quest name in google and click the result? there should be a tab called Comments, it’s recommended to read each comment to see if someone else has experienced what you are experiencing and what they did to remedy the issue.
        If I had the above info that’s exactly what I would be looking for.

        However, this looks like The Zanchuli Council quest, I remember this because a friend of mine had a similar issue with this quest, I am mostly Alliance, so I never experienced this myself.

        If you came here post BfA and don’t see Yazma with the start of this questline (which, among other benefits, lets you choose a Loa to worship within Zuldazar), then head into the Great Seal Room and check if there’s any quest on the Scouting map near her first, click on it and choose Zul’Dazar, then head back to the Throne room and Yazma will have this one for you.

        Please try this if it is indeed The Zanchuli Council quest that you are having difficulty with.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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