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    today we have released a new update on our site.
    We have completely revised the armory area, all “top 3” buttons have been completely removed and replaced with detailed boxes under the armory section.
    If you move the mouse over an item in the armory area, you will see sockets & enchantments.

    The detailed boxes under the armory area now offer much more useful information than the “top 3” boxes could ever have given.
    You can now see where to get each item.
    If the item is from a quest, then we show where the quest starts and ends, if it is a follow-up quest, then we show all quests so that you know where to start.
    Assuming the item is bought from a vendor, then we show the vendor, the position of the vendor, and the cost.
    In case the item drops from an NPC, then we show the dungeon or the area where it drops and the drop chance.
    Supposed the item is made by a profession, then we display the profession and if it is a specialization such as Master Swordsmith, then it will also be shown.
    Furthermore, if the recipe is not a default one, we show you where you can buy it/get it.
    As always our top priority is to include as many people as possible by providing different languages, in case you are not well versed in English.
    Currently, there are 9 languages you can choose from.
    – English
    – German
    – Spanish
    – French
    – Italien (no supported yet)
    – Portuguese brazil
    – Russian
    – Korean
    – Chinese
    We hope you enjoy our update as much as we enjoyed developing it.

    Stay tuned, further updates are coming your way.
    The next round of updates will include more detailed view gems & enchantments.

    The Burning Crusade BiS Tool – Items for every Phase!

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