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    Hello Dugi & friends,

    I’ve leveled up a 2x level 60 toons! And I’ve found & faced several errors or outdated steps in the Horde guide(s).

    This thread will be filled up the issues I will face. Atm I’m leveling a horde toon again: Undead mage, so I will update this thread as much as I can, so Dugi can fix it :)

    29-12-2019: Progression – From Silverpine Forest (12-20) up to The Barrens (25-25)

    The Barrens (25-25) – Step 10

    Same as The Barrens (22-23) – Step 10: Owatanka is still in the target macro + in the modelviewer and don’t target the “Silithid Harvester”. Link to Silithid Harvester:

    I’ve also checked the whole place at the opposite direction / other Silithid area!

    Suggestion: This mob is very & extremely rare :( On my first toon I’ve searching this mob for like 3 days! Wasting of my leveling progression and time. Also on my 2nd toon I’ve searched it for 3-4 days! Now I can’t find it either on this 3rd toon! And I quit looking it from now, because it interfere my leveling progression time.

    So maybe you can mentioned into the guide like: if you don’t find it, then it’s save to skip + skip step 36 because that step ask you to turn in the quest: “The Harvester”.

    I even used the addon “unitscan” to track down (re)spawn of this mob. NO LUCK! Maybe the mob will be available on a later phase/patch :( I know it’s available in retail.

    For people who find & completed it: You’re very Lucky! 😮


    The Barrens (25-25) – Suggestion: The Tear of the Moons

    If you can find a group do it, I did it too! It’s a nice amount of XP rewarded. Some classes can do this solo. Or else safe to skip the quest.

    Quest NPC note: If you can’t find him, it’s because someone else recently turned in the quest. Just wait for the respawn ;)

    The Barrens (25-25) – Step 75

    No 3D model in the modelviewer of the quest NPC “Brave Moonhorn”

    The Barrens (25-25) = Finished! So far every issues I’ve reported in this thread it’s hand-made / leveled: CHECKED
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