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    Hello Dugi & friends,

    I’ve leveled up a 2x level 60 toons! And I’ve found & faced several errors or outdated steps in the Horde guide(s).

    This thread will be filled up the issues I will face. Atm I’m leveling a horde toon again: Undead mage, so I will update this thread as much as I can, so Dugi can fix it :)

    21-12-2019: Silverpine Forest (12-20) – Step 22

    It says I need to turn in the quest at High Executer Hadrec
    But I need to deliver the quest outside at Apothecary Renferrel

    Silverpine Forest (12-20) – Step 42: A recipe for Death

    The modelviewer gives wrong pictures.

    Moss Stalker(s) are spiders
    Giant Grizzled Bear(s) are not evil undead bears but just normal brown bears


    Silverpine Forest (12-20) – Step 72: Dalaran’s Intentions

    You need to turn in the quest at “Shadow Priest Allister” not at (according the guide) “Dalar Dawnweaver”


    Silverpine Forest (12-20) – Step 113: As you go… Kill Greater Plainstrider and collect 7 Plainstrider Beak

    You first need to accept the quest “Plainstrider Menace” from Sergra Darkthorn. I was killing like 12x Greater Plainstriders but I didn’t got any quest items :(

    There is no step to accept the quest: “Plainstrider Menace” from from Sergra Darkthorn


      thank you for great feedback, these are fixed for next build 


      22-12-2019: Silverpine Forest (12-20) – Step 188: The Forgotten Pools

      According the guide it need to be turned it at “Darsok Swiftdagger” but it need to be turned in at “Tonga Runetotum”


      23-12-2019: Silverpine Forest (12-20) – Step 208: Blood Shards of Agamaggan

      First I’ve to turn in the quest: “Tribes at War” before I can accept the quest: “Blood Shards of Agamaggan” and the other follow ups. See screenshots below.


      25-12-2019: Silverpine Forest (12-20) – Step 272

      According to the guide I had to turn in the quest “Report to Hadrec” to Apothecary Renferrel. But it has to turn in to the following NPC: High Executer Hadrec downstairs! See screenshots below.


      Silverpine Forest (12-20) = Finished! So far every issues I’ve reported in this thread it’s hand-made / leveled: CHECKED

      These quests I’ve still my questlog and I hope these will be completed in the next guide:

      Silverpine Forest
      * Journey to Hillsbrad Foothills (green)

      Stonetalon Mountains
      * Goblin Invaders (green)

      The Barrens
      * Prowlers of the Barrens (grey)
      * Weapons of Choice (yellow)
      * Betrayal from Within (yellow)

      Case CLOSED


        fixed for next build thank you 

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