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      Prior to this update when I used the magnifying glass and asked “Find Profession Trainer ___________” it worked.  Now I do not get an Arrow/Pointer displayed when I use that feature.  It appears that this is due to the Class Trainer feature added in the 1.18 Classic update.  Now I cannot easily find Profession Trainers as before.  If I disable the 1.18 !Training Finder feature it does not restore Find Profession Trainer available in versions 1.17 and earlier.  I suggest that this latest update is in need of major rework on the code, since I have less useful features now in 1.18 than in 1.17.  1] How about adding back the ability to Find Profession Trainer _____________!  so that when !Training Finder is turn on, both Class and Profession Trainer info is displayed?  Or 2] Giving us the ability to turn off the 1.18 !Training Finder and having the 1.17 finding trainers ability restored?  Thank you.


        this is an oversight, we’ll fix that up 

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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