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      Hi Dugi
      As a longstanding member I have supported your hard word in  producing  all your  guides  that I have purchased them .
      I understand all the hard work  your team as put in to produce “wow  Classic”,but I think the price ( £40 inc )is to high .
      The reason  I say its high , you offer  a free trail to “level 14” and the remaining Level,s “46” At £40 inc , most player,s will  reach lvl 60 in a couple of days 
      Yours  Goldmoon
        It takes longer to reach 1-60 in classic than it is 1-120 in BFA, it’s a really long guide. 
        You can’t reach level 60 in a couple of days, highest level player on my server is only 30 and he would have played non-stop since release
        Vanilla wow speed record is 4 days 20 hours, while you can level in BFA in a bit over 2 days played time 
      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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