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      do I choose auto quest accept or that and only quest in current guide? as I get this on my screen sometimes

        I run with:
        1 Auto Quest Accept: on
        2 Only quest in current guide: on
        3 Auto quest turn in: on
        (Auto quest tracking is on as well)
        No worries. Quests you’d like to do will still be added to the tracker.
        I only turn 1 & 3 off before I have to choose between Aldor or Scryer in Shattrath or else it auto picks Aldor and we all know you always pick Scryers B) (doesn’t matter really) or in the rare occasion where it skips an NPC step. In that case, you just turn 1 & 3 off and talk to the quest giver again and activate 1 & 3 again.
        It’s the only quest giver in the game where there’s a consequence to having Auto accept activated if anyone is worried about that. In no other case will it auto accept if there’s more than one choice or if there’s more than one reward :)
          Ah re-read your question. Yes I’d pick Auto quest accept and Only quest in current guide.
          Or else it’ll accept all available quests from the quest giver including the ones not part of Dugi Guides. It’ll just fill up the quest log/tracker while the guide ignores them.
            If you only want the tracker to show the current Dugi Guide step, you can change it in:
            !Display – Recommended Preset Settings (drop down menu).
            Example: “Standard – Anchored” vs “Multi-step – Anchored” (my preferred choice).
          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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