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      im trying to make my own guide for the Garrison to get it to level 3 without all the side quests
      is there any tip you peeps can give me to makeing it like how do i do research for what quests i need
      and how do i keep track on what i did already
      is there a way you doing it dugi like making it first on some 3 party program 
      and then make it in the guide it self

      (i have the guide already loaded in the addon i only need to make like the steps you need to do and stuff for the guide


        I think this guide here explain it best and contains important quests

        best to take a look at one of the existing guide and copy it from example eg if you open the file 

        you will see first couple of lines are 

        A Cutting Teeth |QID|25126| |N|(npc:3143) (43.22, 68.27) in {Valley of Trials}| |NPC|3143|
        C Cutting Teeth |QID|25126| |N|Kill 6 (npc:3098) (44.93, 65.23) in {Valley of Trials}| |NPC|3098|
        T Cutting Teeth |QID|25126| |N|(npc:3143) (43.22, 68.27) in {Valley of Trials}| |NPC|3143|

        A is for Accept steps 
        C is for Complete steps 
        T is for Turn in steps 

        Then you need to add the questid tag |QID|…| , this can be found in wowhead URL link eg  the quest id is 34575 for that quest. 

        Then add the note tag |N|…| where you can add any text and and coordinates, in this section you can add special tags like

        (npc:…) will automatically convert to the correct localize NPC names the npc id can be found from wowhead links like quest id 

        other special links are (qid:…) (item:…) (spell:…)  where it will need the id number to convert to text and tooltip. 

        Coordinates links should be formatted as (xx.xx, xx.xx) note the dots and commas, if you add multiple coordinates inside the |N|…| tag then the addon will place and connect all the waypoints in the corresponding order in the guide. 

        {Valley of Trials} is optional this is the subzone name and the brackets {..} tells the addon that it can be localized and converted to client’s language. 

        so after |N|…| tag there is also a few things you will need for custom guides

        |Z|..| tag which will included the Mapid number inside it so the waypoint is placed in the correct map, see the mapid list attached in this post 

        |NPC|…| tag, include npc id in this if you decide to use any (npc:…) tag for the model viewer to display. 

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