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    I can’t pick up the Tough as Silk quest in Ardenweald. I’m level 60, but haven’t finished the Shadowlands campaign.

      Up on reading the comments further in wowhead for this quest, it’s stated by MarcusMaximi that you need to meet the following criteria:
      • Reached level 60
      • Selected a Covenant
      • Finished all the Covenant Campaign’s (9/9)
      I hope this helps.

      Ok. Thank You!


        You are welcome, may I suggest to use BtWquests & BtWquests: Shadowlands

        These will help out with the progression of each chapter and presents each quest in a tree form etc. It also provides prerequisites which is needed, all in-game, no alt tabbing or switching from one monitor etc.
        I find this addon easier to use and better laid out compared to questcompletist. I also believe BtWquests is also updated more frequently as well.
        If you need any help with these addons, or quests in general, anyone is welcome to add me to Discord Ozzi#9217 or Ozzi#11426 just let me know it’s you, I don’t accept invites with no notification as to who it is.

        Thanks Ozzi. I pm’d you


        But that’s kind of beside the point. Why doesn’t Dugi guides help out better or have this make sense? I’ve been running around for a while now trying to figure out why I can’t figure out what is going on. They need a I wanna go straight through mode.


          The point of the above mentioned addons suggested is mostly looking / fixating on the Prerequisites, if you have taken the time to read. Each story line has Prerequisites to meet before you can run there, kill 3 rats and hand in the quest. And further more it was pointed to vamp65 and his issue.

        Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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