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    The Guide has you talk to the Archmage outside Arathi Dalaran right before sending you to Aerie Peak. After you get to Aerie Peak and take the first couple of quests, it says to take the quest “To The Hinterlands” from the Atchmage and points you up towards the flight path, though the Archmage is back where you left in Arathi. But even this is wrong.

    You pick up “To The Hinterlands” in Stormwind, from Brogan Caskbelly. To get the quest, you must first complete the quest “In Search of the Temple” in Swamp of Sorrows. So these should be completed prior to coming to Aerie Peak. Once you have the quest and are in Aerie Peak, the guide is close to correct on where you need to go, just that you need to talk to High Thane Falstad Wildhammer. After that, the quest log appears to be correct, you talk to Gryphon Master Talonaxe and can pick up the follow up, “Rhapsody Shindigger.”


      i’ll fix that up

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