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      Okay guys, Blizzard finally released this quest line which is under the process of getting written as I type.
      Those of you whom are addicted to getting every cosmetic, I got you 👍 All you need to do is Accept, Complete, and Turnin ‘To Gilneas’ then all you need to do is to fish at this spot, but you can fish it up anywhere in Gilneas.
      The quest is not really important because I was able to fish this item up after completely finishing the entire questline.
      So the choice is yours for when you decide to fish for this cosmetic item.

      /way #217 50.75 48.04 Lord Godfrey's Old Spectacles
      The drop rate of this item is not that low for fishing items.
      Rarity import string:

      With some feedback, I can tweak this rarity import, or others can contribute changes to it.

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