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      Hey Dugi, could you please add support for Syling Tracker? if you can, it would be awesome.
      Thanks Dugi ::smile:

        nice addon, looks complicated to make it work with dugi but we’ll take a look soon 

          I manually edited DugisGuideViewer.lua and added

          or DugisGuideViewer.sylingTrackerloaded
          DugisGuideViewer.sylingTrackerloaded = nil
          elseif name == "SylingTracker" and loaded then DugisGuideViewer.sylingTrackerloaded = true

          I believe there’s 8 additions for this, so far it seems to work.
          How I did this was to search for Kaliels

          Yeah I am impressed with this tracker, though it does need x2 other addons for it to work, I haven’t seen any performance loss while using this, but there is conflict while using dugiguides as expected.
          Oh yeah, and this is for Retail, forgot to include that bit of info :/
          Thanks Dugi
        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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