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    Started with the Stranglethorn guide, it send me to the Rebel Camp.

    Guide tells me to accept “Jungle Secrets” from Private Thorsen, but there is no quest:


    Also don’t understand why it sent me here with lvl 32. The only yellow quest i got was “The Second Rebellion” + “Bad Medicine”, high crowded area and i already died like 6 times. I’m a warrior and as soon as i have two adds of my own level…i’m dead, especially with this healer mobs. Some of the mobs here are even lvl 35.

    I finished the quests and now he wants me to do “Bookie Herold” (which is orange) and “The Hidden Key” which is red.


      looks like that quest is only available after a mini event where the quest giver gets attacked. we will make this optional;. 

      the quest that you can do in this zone should be suitable for your level, it is a wide level range zone. 


      Yeah afterwards it got better. Thanks.

      Something else i found out, if you have “auto quest accept” and “auto turn in” turned on, a lot of times it fails turning them in.

      It only selects the available quest but if it is a quest not in the guide, it will do nothing.
      In this case i have to open the options, turn off auto accept, then turn in the quest.

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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