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    This step ask you to farm a Kodo Liver from the lost Kodos. This item appears to be missing in action. I am assuming this is for the Chen’s Empty Keg Quest in the (The Barrens 22-23, step 46). The required quest items appear to have changed. After trying to farm a, Kodo liver for an hour I started trying to find a connection. The only one I can find is the afore mentioned Chen’s Empty Keg Quest. The new quest items are.

    Savannah Lion Tusk x 5
    Plain Strider Kidney x 5
    Thunder Lizard Horn x 1

    I really like the guide. However there are many inaccuracies. It would appear that this is mostly just a old Vanilla guide being updated to Classic WoW. Unfortunately, It looks like Blizzard has thrown some curve balls. This is still the best guide available. 



      the guide is correct the item you mentioned is for Chen’s Empty Keg (2)

      the kodo liver required is for Chen’s Empty Keg (3) 

      just fyi this is not the same old vanilla guide. we are rebuilding the entire 1-60 guide, so it’s a lot better and more accurate than any old vanilla guide


      I stand corrected. Thanks!

    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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