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      Issue 1:
       when i need to level from 190-200 Classic
       there is a item Golden Scale Bracers dugi is saying i need Bronze Bar and Coarse Grinding Stone to make it
       but it is 5 Steel Bar and 2 Heavy Grinding Stone

      Issue 2:
       Heavy Mithril Pants make sure that people know how to get it farm it or buy on AH so it needs a extra step
       also tooltip saying 225-236 (Spell:9933) think this need to be looked at as well

      if i find more i will update it here


        oke i cant edit anymore so comments incomming xD
        Issue 3:
         260-300 saying i need Cliffspring River Sample not the case only need Thorium Bar
        and then the 
        Rugged Leather

        Fixed this one my self
        add replace that in 1_300_Blacksmitting.lua

        N Materials Required |N|Collect materials for level 260-300<br/><b>428 (item:12359)<br/><b>80 (item:8170)| |P|590 300|
        N 260-276 (spell:16644) |BL| |N|Craft 16 (spell:16644)<br/><b>128 (item:12359)| |P|590 276|
        N 276-291 (spell:16649) |BL| |N|Craft 15 (spell:16649)<br/><b>180 (item:12359)| |P|590 291|
        N 291-300 (spell:16652) |BL| |N|Craft 10 (spell:16652)<br/><b>120 (item:12359)<br/><b>80 (item:8170)| |P|590 300|

        ok i will update the file my self if you dont mind and upload it here for you to include again


          Fixed the BS guide for classic
          please check if it oke to dugi standarts so you can include it in

          i fixed some bugs that i found
          and i added 1 extra stap for horde and ally to buy plans on the ah for Heavy Mithril Pants

          hope you like it will now go on to BC and check what i can find there for bugs and fix them


            BC guide semi updated i need to farm rep to move on now haha so here is what i fixed


              appreciate the submission, I will add the changes next build 


                glad i was able to help i need to update more of them but i will do that in over time 
                sins im leveling all my professions up on a new server its a good way to see what needs to get changed


                  There is another bug i found for blacksmithing for Pandaria blacksmithing, it has the description of inscription instead. 


                    not there yet but will look into it if dugi is not fixing it

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