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    I seem to be having an issue moving the small frame with Questie enabled and using the tracker with Questie.  I can only move the small frame if I select Frames | Move Objective Tracker.  When I do this the Questie object tracker moves to the bottom left of the screen under the chat window every time I log out and in again. 
    If I untick Frames | Move Objective Tracker, then I cant move the small frame but the Questie tracker seems to behave better, but it always moves back to its default position.
    If I disable the questie tacker, then I still cant move the small frame and I can use the Dugi options to move the default tracker.
    I use questie so that quests are auto tracked and it shows up to 20 quests rather than the default 5.
    Are there any options I should be selecting or is this a complatibility issue?
    I am using TBC guide version 2.100

      you have choose one or the other. 

      if you prefer questie then you need to disable all Dugi modification for the objective tracker. 

      Disable Anchored Mode , Objective Tracker Frame Border, untick Move Objective Tracker. 

      Hi Dugi,
      Thanks for the response.
      I have discovered if I enable questie with dugi disabled the quest tracker stays where I want it.  If I set the postition with dugi enabled, the questie tracker resets.
      I have disabled all of the above settings and things appear to be working as I would like.
      Just to confirm, to move the small frame guide I have to enable Move Objective Tracker, which then removes any addon or standard quest tracker until I disable the option again.  Is this working as intended?

        If you use Anchored mode then yes you need to use that Move Objective Tracker option

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